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  1. so much knowledge in such a wonderful headface xx (also apparently
    according to youtube i am not subscribed!!) ((i am now))

  2. I realize it’s not the main point, but it bothers me when wrong facts are
    used to support an opinion, especially a decent one. Putin was explaining
    is view on difference between banning something and banning “propoganda of
    this something”, so he actually meant “don’t promote these relations to
    children” rather than he was talking about paedophilia. I wonder if these
    first two lines were deliberately left out when quoted in media. 

  3. No disrespect to Billy Jean King, but true executive authority can only be
    derived through a mandate from the masses, not some farcical tennis match
    that happened 40 years ago!

  4. Loved the tone of this, and great coverage on the issue as always 🙂 I
    don’t really have anything to add to the debate here, but i’m glad that it
    looks like athletes and journalists will be safe now.

  5. You heard about this documentary coming up on channel 4 tonight? (Warning:
    very distressing.)

    Every civilised country should have boycotted. Without consequences,
    there’s no incentive for Russia, Qatar or every other homophobic hellhole
    on the planet to crack down on this kind of behaviour and start treating
    gay people like human beings. The whole thing makes me sick.

  6. That accent is wonderful.
    But seriously, great balance of light heartedness and seriousness

  7. Discriminating against countries that don’t have laws that are ‘liberal
    enough’ for the Western world isn’t going to make the countries want to
    change. More likely to cause turmoil. It’s not even about the laws, it’s
    about the attitudes. It’s good that Sochi 2014 made (more) people question
    the legislation and attitudes toward LGBT in Russia. All of the
    documentaries that have come of this are really scary and hopefully will
    put more people into action and make Russia a safer place. Maybe I’m too
    naive, but oh well:/

  8. Very interesting things you pointed out! I think we should ask ourselves:
    are the victims worth the cause? For example: are the people dying in Qatar
    at construction worth the international attention these problems get? It
    would be better if there was a different way, but I feel like right now,
    there isn’t.

  9. Again done wonderfully. You have a way of stating the facts and giving your
    opinion in a way that is not forceful and I appreciate that very much. 🙂 

  10. Im from Brazil but living in UK for the past 12 years, the problem in
    Brazil is not only about all this money going to build those luxurious
    stadiums that won’t have an use after the world cup but also because of the
    corruption while building those places, is a very common place in Brazil
    while building a train station,bridge or whatever the cost of those
    constructions end up being 6X more expensive than it should be, and
    apparently Brazil already spent more to prepare to this world cup than any
    other country previously, Brazil pay one of the highest tax on the planet
    and are left without the minimum of the services they should be getting for
    their money ! Is a really sad situation over there for those from poor

  11. You hate it when sports and politics get tied up with one another, I hate
    sports and lots and lots of money getting tied up. The hypocrisy is just so
    apparent. In America Coca Cola uses the advertising appeal of equality and
    stuff, in Russia they sponsor the Olympic games held by a wannabe Tsar.
    Everyone talks about how Russia is such a bad country for imposing those
    laws against homosexuals, and everyone feels good for criticising those
    things, and still they watch it all. Just look at what Angela Merkel does:
    she keeps condemning Russia for their legislation while at home she herself
    is blocking equality from happening. Also, gender equality and selling
    tanks and war ships to Saudi Arabia don’t quite match.
    The worst part of sports events is such places is really the hypocrisy that
    comes with it.

  12. Your point about raising awareness of the problems in these countries by
    putting them in the spotlight is true, but once the olympics, or world cup,
    or any other event when politics is told to stay out of it, will people
    still care or will it just fade out of our collective consciousness and
    leave the suffering russians, qataris, brazilians etc to themselves?
    also, what did you think of the google doodle?

  13. The IOC is shot through with corruption and cronyism and is incapable of
    reforming itself (if you want to drain a quagmire don’t ask the toads).
    Athletics is biologically exhausted and depends on drugs for new records.
    Scrap the lot and focus on existing tournaments.

  14. I do think you make a really valid point, countries like these hosting
    major sporting events does put them in the public eye pretty much
    worldwide, and therefore naturally creates awareness of the questionable at
    best things that are going on. For a lot of people, it’s very easy to just
    turn a blind eye to such injustices until it’s getting news coverage, and
    there’s suddenly a ‘reason’ for them to care, or even just to have an
    opinion. And I think that wider awareness of these sorts of issues is the
    first step in the right direction.
    Additionally, I really wish sport and politics could be kept completely
    separate, but sadly with such major events, I don’t think it’s often
    possible. As long as the safety athletes, fans and journalists etc. can be
    guaranteed, widening the variety of countries hosting such events is
    certainly not a bad thing.

  15. Very good point, congrats on the video
    I live in Turkey and there’s a lot going on in this country but LGBT right
    are not one of our major topics. But although we are an Islamic country i
    didn’t hear a problem about the topic not only for sports people but also
    for celebrities that come to the country for music, films etc. that’s why i
    couldn’t understand the topic at first but i am sure that the people
    wouldn’t be okay with it.
    Yet when it comes to countries like you’re referring to i think that the
    candidate for events must sign at first that People from LGBT community
    will be safe

  16. Brazil had same-sex marriage allowed in demand by a Court order(2013 all
    country) ..a gay sex allowed since 1800(U.s just in 2003( if I’m
    right)..and have the biggest gay parade in the world ….true we have some
    problems…But in this case we are far ahead of the united states of
    america conservative people…. and much better than the laws of
    australia….even had a main character with the right to gay kiss in the
    novel in the largest television broadcaster in the country … where all
    Brazilians were expecting …

  17. I can’t speak for other countries, but as a Brazilian person, I can
    honestly say that “hoarding” the World Cup as well as the Olympic Games has
    been an outright “panem et circences” tactic by the Brazilian government.
    Brazil is a country in which corruption is treated as a joke, and public
    funds seem to disappear at any chance. The hosting of these large sporting
    events is, in my humble opinion, a waste of money to a country in which
    there is so much yet to be done, and it just reeks of superficial

  18. There should definitely be parity in sports to at least have 50% of gay
    athlest taking part in any such event and at least one gay president in
    charge of organising it.

  19. It seems like the people responsible for those big sporting events like
    countries which are either horrible with human rights or maybe not quite
    ready to handle the whole thing. Sure it’s a great way to get the attention
    of the world on those problems and probably boosts the economy (at least
    for a while), but it still feels really wrong to me :/ Plus when all the
    journalists are gone surpression continues, and I suspect that before the
    event a lot of critics are locked away so they won’t cause any trouble.
    For poorer countries: If it can be estimated that a lot of people will die
    in preparation or that it will be really bad for large parts of the
    population that country should definitely work on itself for a few more
    years. (I could be wrong, but weren’t entire slums in South Africa just
    destroyed to build hotels and stuff?)
    Couldn’t the jury, or who ever is in charge to decide, have like a list of
    possible countries who’ll get the event if they can reach a certain goal?
    ‘Cause yeah, sport has nothing to do with politics, but the sport part of
    the event is not really affected by the place.

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  22. Just came from Lex’s video. You guys both did very well on covering this
    issue. Interesting points you made. Totally agree with the expansion into
    non western countries, if only those weren’t the ones that usually have a
    record of human rights violations. 

  23. I’m much less worried about gay people being arrested by the Russian
    government and much more worried about so-called vigilantes luring gays,
    snatching them off the street & torturing them, all because of the wink &
    nod encouragement of the Russian government. It is easy for Putin to say
    the Russian government isn’t committing human rights violations against
    gays when he’s got the Russian people doing it for him. –As for your
    question, if basic human rights are being denied, those countries don’t
    deserve to come out & play. They can sit at home & ponder their increasing
    isolation from the world community. Fuck ’em. Sports are full of rules. So
    is civilized society.

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