41 Comments on “Sochi Olympics Boycott: Stephen Fry likens Russian anti-gay laws to 1930s Nazi persecution of Jews”

  1. Pathetic Western powers, I mean I don’t blame you, Putin just foiled your
    plans for Syria…. and now you could not find anything to bitch about
    except anti faggots laws in Russia…. I hope you boycott the games… let
    real men and women get gold medals.

  2. Way to go Putin, smack the skulls of those we are not allowed to mention
    their names.

  3. we are human beings, the constitution protects our rights and freedoms, no
    one can be discriminated against on account of their BELIEFS, RACE or SEX (
    MAN or WOMAN of course) ; no chapter in the constitution says that a person
    has the right to PRACTICE or IMPOSE homosexuality . Natural biological
    laws or the law of the laws don’t accept it.

  4. Pathetic and Scandalous! western powers and media tries to make us believe
    that black is white, that the poor are rich and people suffering a disease
    enjoys having it. The homosexuality is not a sexual option, it is
    a DEVIATION from NORMAL SEXUAL BEHAVIOR. Please check specialized health
    books on the subject and then SEEK IMMEDIATE PROFESSIONAL HELP.

  5. Congratulations to Russia where the authorities under law support what is
    Biologically Right in the human species and consequently in society. We
    are MAN or WOMAN there is not middle point . The homosexuality is not an
    option of life, it is a TERRIBLE psychological and physiological CONDITION
    and requires as other urgent medical and professional HELP. That is not me
    who says it ,but SPECIALISTS and SCIENCE did.

  6. Fry is right, Russians are engaged in an anti-gay pogrom… such a shame a
    country with resources to move forward is instead moving backwards &
    filling the pockets of the corrupt politicians.

  7. He is absolutely correct. These gay hate laws are directly out of Hitler
    playbook. It’s truly shocking Russia doesnt know their WW2 history fighting
    against this evil ! The world MUST protest, even if your not gay, or even
    pro gay. We will never forget! 

  8. Stephen fry has a lot to say for him self of late, has he stopped snorting
    coke now and cut back on the drink, or is he Mr Angel now.. pfffft they are
    trying to poison us against Russia the question we need to ask is why ?

  9. After the lefties have destroyed these countries Russia is looking better
    and better.

  10. Russia is doing a good job poisoning the world minds by it self with out
    the need of “they” helping..

  11. You really have no idea. The majority of people are just happy to tolerate
    gay people getting on with their lives. But the media and corrupt
    politicians don’t want that. Civil Unions meaning the same as marriage
    legally, would be the best for all.

  12. NO one in the right mind Except criminals like Edward Snowden, wants to
    move to Russia! I think the Russian people don’t like the gays in their
    country because, most Gays are in good shape, and good looking, the
    majority of conservative Russians are FAT, out of SHAPE, and dress like
    they are in the 1940’s !

  13. But this is the only reason that Team America has bought it to your
    attention, so it is part of the point. How does it force gays into hiding?
    I think it’s against the other extreme when it comes to homosexuality. And
    remember it is aimed at minors…. I wouldn’t want gay people to be
    suppressed or anything, but leave Russia to it. It isn’t written in stone
    that being gay is correct.

  14. I am a human, not an animal. I can’t speak for you though. If the best you
    can do is compare your sexual desires to that of an animal, then you just
    became an animal. You shouldn’t use the same bible that says homosexuality
    is an abomination to prove your case. The aids/hiv stats where from cases
    in the us. Aids is used in Africa to reduce the population. You can look up
    the stats and see for yourself unless you can’t handle the truth. I’ll
    never be alone if I have God to talk to.

  15. Firstly, get an education. Homosexuality is natural in animals, and you are
    one. Secondly the highest rate of HIV is in Africa, all ppl get STD’s.
    Thirdly, God does not equate good morals, if you wish to seek death on
    people who have hair cuts, eat shrimp or fuck before marriage then your one
    messed up individual, Count me out. Lastly, think before you post made up
    stats and call yourself a ”homophobe” (correction), its not good. You’ll
    end up lonely with only God to talk to (your head).

  16. Why is freedom to shove your way of life in other people’s faces more
    important than their freedom to go about their business without having
    other people’s way of life shoved in their faces? Gays are not oppressed in
    Russia, you obviously don’t understand the concept of oppression.

  17. There are countries where you can go to jail for being gay. That is wrong.
    To protect children from gay parades, or any other forms of sexual freedom
    display, is not wrong. Why am I a fool? Because I think that children
    should be protected until they reach an age when they can make decisions
    for themselves? Kees, I really don’t care of your sexual chooses, but let
    small children out of it. This is what this law is about. The rest,
    comparison with jewish genocide, is just mass media at it’s best.

  18. Yes it does seem that way, and we’re doing it to Arab countries too, it’s
    all part of globalization. All countries must not have a trace of
    Nationalism, apart from one, Israel. We’ve been flooded with every type
    possible. The BBC is repulsive, they lie on an hourly basis.

  19. Same here. I thought more of him. Using his sexuality for political issues.
    No worries. That’s the thing, most people don’t care. Only when he starts
    putting so much emphasis on his sexuality, and homosexuality in general, is
    when people start to care. The law in Russia is aimed at minors, and has
    nothing to do with him.

  20. If you believe so, then it’s your right to educate your children as you see
    fit. But leave other people’s children out of it. If I let your children
    alone, without preaching my heterosexual way to them at a young age, would
    you be so kind to let my children alone? They will grow up, and then, as
    adults they will be able to discern who they are and what they like to

  21. Exactly. Team America, world police. But they pump propaganda to promote
    globalization, making out that if we all become one, and forget
    sovereignty, that we’ll live in peace. But this is false, and like you say,
    this causes civil wars, and there are more to come. Most of them do, and
    that’s how it should be. But the media doesn’t want that. The minorities in
    high places do like it, yes.

  22. I really do not see how human rights are being violated. Your beliefs may
    be, but your beliefs are not automatically human rights. “countries like
    russia” .. US, UK, half of europoe, middle east, asia, south america all
    have incredible shortcomings some would say dwarf those of russia,
    especially when it comes to peace in the world. Side point, the rights of
    those who want to smoke weed are far more violated an oppressed than those
    of gays, mostly the world over. Do you protest for them too?

  23. The anti-gay laws in Russia are not a sign of democracy and decency.
    Pulling back the olympic games is the only way.

  24. I fail to see mr. Fry’s point. Gays are not allowed to parade in russia, so
    that means they are NAZI?Russians lost more people fighting against nazism
    than jews did in concentration camps. The only connection between a real
    genocide committed by germans 80 years ago and a law in today’s Russia that
    is meant to protect children is professional victim’s mutual support
    between jews and gays, against an independent Russia.

  25. The only reason this has been bought up, to smear Russia, is cause they are
    against Team America’s war on Syria, duh! Camoron and Obama can go to hell,
    they both support the apartheid state of Israel, and do not give a flying
    fuck about gay people.

  26. Are you out of your mind? America, Israel, Syria etc, has nothing to do
    with this. The only reason why we are protesting is because Russia is
    violating human rights.

  27. Since when Edward Snowden became a criminal offender for you? Not
    otherwise, as you from CIA? Bitch! Look who’s talking!

  28. No one will ever become gay. You are just ignorant and stupid. Many gay men
    in Russia are married because of people like you, people who don’t accept
    them. Only a few of them have enough courage to admit it. It would have
    been better for him and his wife when he did not marry at all. I am not
    pushing any Dutch values on Russia. Why should I? That is 100% your
    bussiness. But the way you treat gays is a violating of human rights, and
    that is my bussiness, since those rights are universal.

  29. As long as there are people like you, who can’t accept that there are
    people who are different, gay prides are necessary and will be held, if you
    like it or not.

  30. How can you compare allowing to smoke weed with accepting homosexuals as
    your equals? Those are two completely different items. To let orgainze
    China the Olympics was also a mistake. You are right about the bad
    sitiation of human rights in a lot of countries, but in most of them you
    see that they make (small) steps forwards, while Russia takes steps
    backwards. A boycott is meant as a warning, that that has to stop.

  31. Stephen Fry has a long history of mental health issues, so I guess he’s
    experiancing a manic epidode right now, which could explain his delusional
    comparison of Russia behaving like Nazi Germany.

  32. Ok. And ironically, Fry has attacked religion, in a similar manner to the
    Nazis and Soviets.

  33. Ummm, I think youtube made it very clear for you that I was replying to
    Yves Grand. I have no idea what you said but I’m not in a rush to find out.
    My comment is not ridiculous, its insightful, but only for those who can
    both read and think. Sorry, I didn’t intentionally exclude people like you.

  34. I know that Russian politicians are corrupt and I know that they don’t
    care, as we all can witness every day, but I can assure you that
    politicians of Northern West-Europe are not corrupt and that they do care
    about gay and human rights.

  35. You can’t accept that these people are different. But you think that’s ok
    because you’re supporting teaching children being about being homosexual in
    a positive way and they are not supportive of that. That’s fine, but it
    still makes you a raging hypocrite. Maybe you should think before you write
    (or indeed form an opinion) … FWIW nothing wrong with gay prides either
    just not fair to overshadow and detract from a peaceful event with
    provocative actions against the host population’s wishes.

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