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  1. To be clear….. gay people of legal age have always had the right to get
    married, though marriage, as between a man and a woman, simply wasn’t
    something the gays WANTED, so they CHOSE not to get married. But the RIGHT
    was always there, pursuant to what marriage has been since the founding of
    this country.

  2. There are many famous and successful gay people. I have read Alec Baldwin
    stated that he has love some men as much as women. Including his lawyer and
    he said and yes I mean in that way. So I am really shocked by his brother

  3. So now anyone who can say his opinion to oppose Gay marriage will be
    labelled “hater” Bigot” Homphobic” Christian” etc.

    The only opinion allowed is to promote Gay marriage and other Liberal

    3 decades of Propaganda like this have damaged the mindset of the American
    public to accept what is unacceptable to human civilization.

    We need another civil war to purify our society.

  4. It’s a talk show & she is the host! Get your own talk show & you can talk
    about what you want & invite your uncle if ya want it doesn’t have to be
    celebs. Maybe the ppl who back rosie will back your show?

  5. I think the church should have its tax free status removed! They try to
    influence gov policy just like a lobbyist not to mention selling stuff for
    profit & avoiding the fees for profit ppl must pay. Preachers making 300k a
    yr with no taxes & we make 40k & pay 1/3 of that in taxes. Maybe nobody
    wants to see what you have period I know I dont nor would I like to see the
    person who would lay with you!

  6. Just because there were slaves mentioned in the bible, doesn’t mean the
    Bible condones it. The Bible actually requires the slaves to have rights.
    The time and culture was different then. People sold themselves into
    slavery to pay debts. Slaves were not to be mistreated. In more modern
    times, it was Christians that called for slavery to be ended. Sadly, people
    won’t read the Bible and drop these “slavery” arguments, but thats just one
    of the many misconceptions about the bible.

  7. What concerns many heterosexuals is treating a gay partnership as if it
    were a man and a women, with no destinction between that and a two men or
    two women union. Calling it “Civil Union”, granting gay ppl. all the rights
    and benefits of marriage, should be enough. Why does it have to be labelled
    “marriage” as long as a “Civil Union” has the same force and effect as a
    “Marriage”? Nature’s intent to insure reproduction of mankind by bringing
    together a man and a woman can’t be changed!

  8. How about the possibility that some of those Judeo-Christian principles are
    wrong or ill-informed (i.e. we know more than before) and should be
    discarded? The human race and life as we know it is CONSTANTLY changing and
    evolving. While principles are respectable, rigidly adhering to dictums of
    centuries ago is just nonsensical. See things as they are, and understand
    that if you truly believe in God, you’ll know only God knows how things
    “should” be. Using the bible to judge IS evil, disguised.

  9. so that means you disagree with haircuts, women’s rights, eating ham,
    wearing clothes of more than one fabric, working on Sunday’s…and you
    agree with giving your daughters as sex slaves, killing adulterers, (so on
    and so forth)…pick and choose only what apply’s to yourself…that is the
    christian way…stop the hypocrisy!!! It’s love…you don’t like it don’t
    do it…but leave us be…I don’t agree with your religion or your beliefs
    but I would never condemn you the way you condemn us!

  10. if society starts having laws that say gay couples can get married, then
    they have to provide laws thta say multiple wives or multiple husbands can
    be married to 1 person, or there is no age limit to marry or you can marry
    your brother, cousing, father…..I’m just saying, Marriage is between a
    man and a woman, and if you start redefining marriage for certain group,
    then you have to redefine it for other groups. why let just gay couple get
    married, when some people want to marry 4 or 5 wives?

  11. Agree……..I noticed he did not finish which is common in a communistic
    society which dominates today. I`ll say it for him. Being gay is as evil as
    a child molestor and should never get equal treatment. Civil institutions
    and law should never override biblical theology and fact. The bible is the
    supreme law which universally dictates everything. Seperation of church and
    state is sound ONLY when state is of sound mind and of a good and moral
    establishment when the four fathers wrote precious..

  12. We made these Idols …The famous are put there by Satan to worship and we
    are stupid and fall for it

  13. Ok so where is his response? Why did u cut it out??? Just an example of how
    Christians are Always and Forever made out to be the bad guys!

  14. I do not think that GOD ever gave us the power to judge anyone or cast
    stones at a way a person lives. We as Human beings choose to take action on
    things that only effect us at that moment. I like how so many people always
    use the words shall not lay with the same sex yet they never look at the
    so-called pictures that represent the bible’s names. They show naked men
    together naked women together and even NAKED children with MEN and WOMEN.
    Yet do we hear OH NO that’s wrong

  15. I think its pretty clear. No I don’t believe it should be; can it be? shall
    it be? that’s inevitable and out of my control. So should it be? NO, Gods
    position, my belief as well as my position. Point is anyone can do anything
    but you are held accountable to it. Analogy: People shouldn’t kill, they
    do, shouldn’t be promiscuous, they are and ultimately face the consequences.

  16. I will never move on with trash like that…it was trash 1000’s of years
    ago, it’s trash now.

  17. I’m not judging anyone, the Bible already does that for me…I just don’t
    care for SB view that it is okay to be gay and still be a Christian. The
    Bible says for marriage to be between one man and one woman. God also
    thinks homosexuality is an abomination. God is a loving God but He doesn’t
    go against His own Word.

  18. Wow, I have never heard Rosie be so eloquent in the way she expresses her
    beliefs. Very nice to see that. I do not believe homosexuality to be
    morally right, but I do believe that if you feel that you are gay you
    should be able to marry. Love the sinner hate the sin. My God says we are
    to love one another no matter what. And I am Catholic!!

  19. well the state regulates marry licenses so the federal government has NO
    power over this issue

  20. This clip 2:23 long and Steven Baldwin is allowed to speak for 19 seconds.
    A monologue is not an interview.

  21. @ciel222 I think he just said its fine to get married or have a civil union
    as long as its not in church.

  22. OMG…and I mean it when I say OMG…, I was thinking the same thing not
    long into this “discussion.” When u r talking with any kind of atheist,
    lost person, (etc) u have to “be prepared” to leave, end the one way convo,
    etc., if they r not going to listen at all to u. o/wise, u come off “soft”,
    tolerant, condoning (somewhat) their erroneous thinking/words/actions.
    Applies to gay-dom as moral and many other sins. IF they need LOVE, then
    H>S> must be the one to show how to “give it” properly.

  23. @Maschil Boyd Please refer to your bible allowing and condoning
    slavery,rape snd murder ordered by your God 😉

  24. Why do libs always talk in circles, and then start name calling when
    someone doesn’t agree with them? What about “tolerance” and
    “acceptance”–you seem very short on both. Look, here is the simple
    explanation: NOBODY (a king, an emperor, a gay, a president, a cop, a
    doctor) has the right to change the definition of a word. Especially a word
    that has meant the same thing since the beginning of time. It’s a slap in
    the face to MOST people. That’s the bottom line. Love is irrelevant.

  25. If you are Christian as you claim, then you DO NOT support homosexuality
    and the things related. No way around it.

  26. Anyone can attain God’s love and salvation. I believe most people are
    basically good and loving when given the right tools and opportunities to
    express and show their humanity. God bless the Lgbt Community. Love Rickie

  27. Thanks, I agree (sort of)..qualification: anyone CAN do whatever they want,
    literally anything but it does not mean its RIGHT. We CAN all live however
    we want to BUT we will be accountable to a judge higher than the Supreme
    court judges. Having said that, we all as humans have freedoms but are
    accountable for the choices we make

  28. You dont have to accept homosexuality as “right” or “normal”, but you
    should accept that it exists, and treat all humans with the same compassion
    regardless or who they love. I dont shove my relationship in anyones face
    anmd demand that they accept it, but I dont think that anyone has the right
    to abuse me or bully me because I have a wife instead of a husband.

  29. people: theres an inevitable cyclical thing about mankind and its ups n
    downs of righteous living declining to unrighteous living, and back to
    righteous living and so on. its just a matter of time, and where u are in
    it. Only God can come and clean things up. Man cant really change himself,
    or do anything worthwhile w/out God. But…don’t tell Rosie, Dawkins, or
    any hypocrital Christians/Muslims/Jews that or ……u’re asking to be
    mocked, jailed, or worse. killed. And yes, i’m a believer!

  30. Uh, it *IS* ok to be gay! It’s part of nature. Many different animals have
    a gay population. We happen to be one of them, too! You don’t know how
    nature works? Learn!

  31. It says that Love one another as Christ loves you not we are love one
    another no matter what.

  32. Therye not the most hated, nor are singled out. In a way, thats makes them
    seem glorified. My thing is….follow your own beliefs, don’t your faith on
    others. Because, truth its, it may be false.

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