5 Comments on “Steven Pinker answers a question about homosexuality and evolution.wmv”

  1. I have no scientific credentials, but Mr. Parker is saying something I’ve
    been speculating for many, many years, homosexuality is for the most part a
    sexual behavior accredited to cultural values and/or the environment. I’m
    not neither in favor or against it, but I’m tired of homosexual activist to
    keep using pseudo scientific evidence to promote their point of view.

  2. I found it on iTunes podcast directory. For whatever reason, center for
    inquiry doesn’t have this podcast available and indexed on google. if
    you’re interested, just search Steven Pinker on iTunes and look for center
    for inquiry.

  3. Jason Collins is gay, but his identical twin brother Jarron isn’t: shows
    sexual orientation is partly genes but partly chance – Steven Pinker just
    retweeted some guy at NYU, Geoffrey Miller, that said this

  4. Goes to show how little we all know. Even to these people, the greatest
    intellectuals of our society.

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