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  1. The “war on drugs” is the problem… those cartels wouldn’t exist without
    it. Alcohol prohibition was a short time in USA, & look how much blood was
    spilled; it actually created a whole new set of criminals called Gangsters.
    Maybe, stop freakin’ criminalizing people for doing non-violent stuff like
    smoking weed? The most anyone, doing the harder stuff, should get is drug

    More people die from prescription drugs than “illegal” ones, & it’s not
    because of lack of access; it’s because misinformation that most RX
    medicine is safer than they are. Truthful education about drugs, not
    propaganda & criminalization, is the ONLY solution. People have legal
    access to bath salts, but do you see everyone rushing in to try it? No,
    because they know it fucks you up. They smoke weed because EVERYONE knows
    it’s harmless, & can help with some illnesses. People can make their own
    choices on recreational usage… drugs they take are not government’s

    The only reason drugs are still criminalized is from Pharma industry
    lobbying to keep marijuana illegal, because it cures most of the things
    people take their rubbish “side effect ridden” pills for. The privatized
    prison & defence industries also make a TON of money from subsidies
    (corporate welfare) so they bribe legislators to keep it going.

  2. While we’re at it, lets ask Stallone, Statham and Chuck Norris about Sochi
    safety…I’m sure they can all provide great insight…

  3. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Bruce Lee could kick his ass anytime!! He’s
    wierd, who wears tooo much BLACK clothing!!

  4. I heard nothing wrong with everything seagal said which is why I am
    confused about the many dislikes. is it because he was an ass back in the
    day? But is he still a jackass? He seems to be better informed about the
    reality (except in mma) than the average American and at least has a good
    mentality about politics. If he ran for governor of Arizona i’m sure he
    would do a better job than many corrupted politicians.

  5. Seagal has that unparalleled skill where what he’s saying makes him sound
    like he’s passionate about it, but his tone sounds like he doesn’t care.

  6. *Raspy movie trailer narrator voice* A man once a beloved action hero is
    now a has-been. He is on a mission to stay relevant and will defy all
    obstacles. This winter, Steven Seagal is…. “The Attention whore”

  7. He was something of a disaster in Arizona (as a lawman). Nice guy, but he
    went past the authority granted him and grandstanded a lot.

  8. This is what I mean.. only Canadian are good at curling. The reason why
    they’re ranked 1 again. Nobody watches it.. but somehow they get medals for
    it. And it isn’t even a fucking sport. Next Olympics curling should be
    forbidden. Canadian could leave halve of their olympic crew at home. 

  9. Next, Seagal will give a lecture on nuclear physics, followed by his views
    on art in the 16th century

  10. I met this guy back when he was popular. He was one of the biggest, most
    arrogant a-holes I’ve ever met.

  11. Steven Seagal is not law-enforcement, he is an actor, he knows nothing
    about law-enforcement in field actual, lmao.

    Steven Seagal; He is all so full of mouse scat. I know boarder patrol. He,
    Steven Seagal, does no law-enforcement work on any U.S. border, he is a

    He, Steven Seagal, is learning about Law-Enforcement to improve his acting
    skills, nothing more and to get the message out of what is really happening
    for the public eyes only to know, another lie.

    Holy, this guy just impersonated CBP, what an idiot, he verbalized he is
    working as law-enforcement.

    Wake up people, this is a fairy-tale land stage prompt, an actor and
    nothing more and he is not a CBP nor does he work with them. Actually, they
    complain about him getting in the way at times.

  12. Give this man a job (even in a bad direct to video film) and get him away
    from any political interview.

  13. You can stop that shit on border because billions of $$$$$$$$$$$ in
    question and probably border agents working with cartel so he just wanna
    beg governor of Arizona he will become more rich hahahaha.

  14. LITERALLY Luke 6:29
    Turn the other cheek. I’ve heard preachers teach that this part of what
    Jesus Himself said was meant to be figurative. Figurative!? Jesus Himself
    said it. He wasn’t giving a parable or suggestion. That said, this is the
    hardest of the commandments of love! I’ve come to learn that it is only as
    we grow closer to Jesus that this is possible.

  15. Seagal’s safety-policy is “me first.”
    He injured so many people with his fraudulent martial arts credentials,
    that his pants ended up being equally full of shit, courtesy of a
    sleeper-hold from Judo Gene. 

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