15 Comments on “Support Gay Rights – They Deserve To Be Happy Too”

  1. If you want to support gay rights, please check these websites: hrc.org or

  2. I really gay stereotypes. “Do you crush on me even though I’m straight?” My
    answer: NO! Thanks man, for supporting us. If you’re wondering, I’m a
    lesbian and it’s hard to get friends who accept you.

  3. Thanks for putting your views out there. More people need to see this
    video, because it’s so true.

  4. It’s great to see a young man like you be so open minded! I personally am
    straight but not narrow. I feel that every single one of us must speak up
    for other people’s rights. If we don’t, it might someday be our own rights
    that are taken away. One thing I would like to suggest, if you are looking
    for fair and balanced news, go to anyone BUT Fox news! ;p Stay happy.

  5. I wish there were more people as open minded as yourself in this world. i
    just came out as gay a couple years ago. i was always so scared of what
    people would think of me, and now i’m realizing there are alot more
    supportive people than i thought, especially the younger generation. like
    you say, kids are born with hate, they are taught it from their parents.
    Love is love no matter who its between, its not between a man and woman or
    man and man, its between two HUMAN BEINGS, thats it

  6. I completely agree with everything you said, and I hope that more people
    will see this video and realize that there is nothing wrong with being gay.
    You did a great job of explaining how you feel.

  7. I am impressed. A smart, well spoken view whom see no difference in love.
    We are shocked that there was ever a time that Catholics could love
    Protestants or people of two difference racial/ethnic backgrounds can fall
    in love. It is you and your generation that will be the new voice of reason
    in this country. Thank you for being you and your honesty and your courage
    to speak about an issue that so many seem to not want to understand or
    accept. Thank you ; )

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