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  1. Christianity is tyranny masquerading as freedom.
    Christianity compels deluded Christian bigots to demand the freedom for
    themselves to hate, oppress and kill those who don’t bow their heads to the
    cruel tyrannical, personality crushing, Christian belief system.

  2. People born before 1970s simply need to die out. And when they do, there
    will be some progress. I thought that they can change, but in 95% of cases,
    they cant. C`mon Bryan, Jesus is waiting for you, hurry up please.

  3. GOD bless Caiden and God bless his parents for raising him right and not
    letting the liberal government schools brainwashed him.

  4. Largest threat to liberty really is douchebags lie Bryan Fishcher. What a
    complete doucebag this POS it

  5. I hate this pipsqueak dork. IDC about religion too much but you can’t say
    that men sticking their penis’ in poop is gross. I got kicked off Facebook
    for a week cause of it. Find the book the Homosexual Agenda from 1988 based
    on Mao’s communist book and tell me it didn’t work. Heaven forbid we don’t
    like something here in the land of the free. Is your suggestion we should
    all pretend we don’t think it’s gross if we do? Family values, nice knowing

  6. Really liberty is going to be done in by gays??? Has he been tripping on
    his Jesue juice again first Obama, then liberals, and now Gays what next
    hockey fans???

  7. Fischer is a dominionist, he hates liberty. He wants a totalitarian right
    wing Christian theocracy. Fischer is all about politics with a religious
    logo to justify the ugliest aspects of his authoritarian politics.

  8. I don’t know what to say other than he is totally ridiculous.

    Anyway, I think we should ban Christian marriage. They are just like the


  9. Brian Fisher is such a jerk. The next time he comes into Starbucks I’m
    gonna give him the Ebola semen latte. Something tells me he is already
    familiar with that flavor though…

  10. the biggest threat we have to liberty is retarded ass small minded pieces
    of delusional shit like these republican conservative fucks like bryan
    fisher and pat robertson. 

  11. I want to start selling rainbow coloured day-planner notebooks. They’ll be
    called Homosexual Agendas.

  12. So sick to death of right wing, religious zealots always saying stupid shit
    like this all the fucking time. I especially hate how they love to refer to
    LGBT as the “Gay Agenda” and the Gay Lobby,” like we’re some secretive,
    group that’s manipulating the world and corrupting society for nefarious
    things. It’s so fucking old and super annoying. Get a life already and fuck
    off, conservative zealots. 

  13. Don’t expect slack-jawed religitard imbeciles like Fischer to apply common
    sense or logic. If he did, he wouldn’t be a blabbering, drooling fundie. 

  14. You just know that Bryan and Uncle Pat like to get the baby oil out and get
    conservative on each other’s asses.

  15. It’s so sad that Kyle literally has to explain this.

    I.. ugh.. this topic.. blows my mind. Like why? Just why? How are the
    people stopping gay rights even allowed to be in office?? Just stop. Stop,
    guys. Seriously. You look like idiots. Like…. do they not understand that
    not everyone will have to marry a gay person..? 

  16. I can’t change the fact that I am a man, but I am barred from working out
    at Curves gym… Seems a private business can discriminate (as long as we
    allow them to)

  17. Bryan Fischer is a troll. He probably laughs his ass off after his radio
    show, and then heads to his favorite gay bathhouse to relax for the

  18. 10 Reasons Why Atheists are Morally Superior to Religious Fundamentalist

    1. No god tells me to hate gay people, so I have no reason to hate them.

    2. No god tells me that women are inferior and should subject themselves to

    3. No god tells me to pray instead of seeking medical attention. I believe
    in all kinds of scientific research and medicine.

    4. No god tells me to hate people who believe in the same god but in a
    “wrong” way.

    5. No god tells me to be fruitful and multiply, then says that sex for fun
    is bad, then tells me that only sex between married people is okay, but
    then some says that married couples should only do it for procreation only.

    6. No god tells me to hate people who look different than me, so I am free
    to see everyone as equal and the same, just with different packaging. No
    need to be racist. (Oh, yeah, Hitler was religious. So don’t even bother
    with that one. He’s yours, not ours.)

    7. No god tells me to start a war over another land for having the wrong
    god or the wrong types of people (see the one above), so I don’t have to
    support pointless wars that justify some ridiculous ancient prophecy or for
    other silly reasons, like god talking directly to the leader of my country.

    8. No god makes promises to me about being a martyr, so I have no reason to
    strap a bomb to myself and blow up a train station or whatever kills the
    most innocent people.

    9. No god makes open-ended promises that will never come true about
    Armageddon and going up to heaven soon. So I am responsible about the
    environment, and try my best to have a small impact on the planet, and also
    support research into making things better for everyone through science and
    smarter living.

    10. No god promises eternal life to me, so I understand that this life is
    precious. I take personal responsibility seriously, and I live my life the
    best way I can because it’s the only one I’ve got. I value the lives of
    others too, for the same reason.

    Atheists don’t have some god telling them what to do, how to (not) think,
    how to believe. We think for ourselves. We figure out what’s right based on
    our life experiences, and hopefully some good role models, then do our best
    to live good lives, simply because it’s the right thing to do. Also, it’s
    basic common sense.

    Don’t kill or steal, don’t lie or cheat. Why not? Because we’re all part of
    society, and we have to get along with everyone, at least for the basics,
    if we want to enjoy the easier life being in society affords us. Not to
    mention the empathy that we wouldn’t want those things to happen to us, so
    we don’t do them to others. This is the golden rule and the silver rule,
    which Jesus didn’t come up with first, by the way. It’s a basic human
    concept, as old as humanity.

    Oh, and another reason we don’t do bad things? Consequences and personal
    responsibility. I drive the speed limit through town because I don’t want a
    ticket nor do I punch random people on the street for fear of reprisals. I
    understand that there are consequences for my actions, and that I am
    personally responsible for everything I do.

    So with all those warped beliefs not indoctrinated into my mind, along with
    some common sense, an understanding of some simple concepts of cause and
    effect and personal responsibility, not to mention being aware of how good
    life is as a member of society and not in the woods in a cave with a stick,
    I have no trouble being an ethical atheist. When the only thing that stops
    Christian fundamentalists and Muslims from murdering and pillaging is an
    invisible man in the sky watching their every move, ready to ban them to an
    eternity of fire and torture because he gave them free will and then won’t
    let them use it, then that is not morality or having a conscience. That is
    just you taking orders from a tyrant because you are afraid of being
    tortured by him for all eternity.

    Yeah, I’d say most atheists are definitely morally superior to religious


  19. Lots of christians are ok with homosexuals these days – guys like Mr.
    Fischer are eventually going to be nonexistent in the religious world.

  20. Threats to liberty: Not banks, not classism, not war mongering nope the
    gays and ‘attacking’ religion.

  21. Homosexual Agenda? Religious Liberty — What religion does he represent?
    Satanism? Certainly not the Bible.
    It’s in SAINT PAUL’S JOKE … Paul did NOT object to Gays! Given the Roman
    Emperor publicly married a boy, Paul actually mandated gay marriage when he
    said marry for sex … PERIOD!
    The Bible is anti-Bi-Sexual relations for MEN (only for men), and held
    women in the male bi-sexual relationship also liable. But woman are
    allowed to be bi-Sexual or Gay. Not a single verse refutes that statement.
    http://www.amazon.com/Saint-Pauls-Joke-Punch-Killer/dp/1469953919 (eBook is
    FREE to Kindle Unlimited subscribers)
    As for interracial marriage — Kyle is wrong on the Bible’s view (as
    related by southerns who work hard to violate as much of the Bible as they
    can). When Miriam made racist comments, about the interracial marriage of
    Moses, GOD PERSONALLY punished her. Gee racists who wave the Bible ignore
    that reality, or the fact that Miriam got off easy ONLY because she was a
    Prophetess — had she not been she’d have gotten what the KKK, Southern
    Baptists and Evangelicals are in for.

  22. Such a ridiculous, ridiculous man… It’s almost boring, now, since it’s
    every other day that he makes a fool of himself. 

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