The end of the East End Festival On three Fridays every summer the East End is usually packed with people and activity. The East E…

2 Comments on “The end of the East End Festival”

  1. If we do not also pole the people that enjoy this great event. And to the
    woman who says that her business suffers. I say this. exposure is exposure.
    They may not shop that day but if you embrace the event and let people see
    you they will come back and shop at a later date. There is no reason to
    look at thousands of people being around your store as a bad thing. If you
    cannot capitalize on them being there that is your fault. This city’s
    culture should be embraced not smothered.

  2. This is an absolute joke. I cannot believe that this would even be
    discussed. I can understand if the people in the area are complaining but
    like the guy said that was the goal (to bring east end back). There are
    thousands of people that enjoy this festival and to be fair to everyone you
    should ask the city that enjoys it not just the people in the area.
    Everyone knows that consumers will tell twice as many people about a bad
    experience then a good one. So to speak of complaints is not fair….

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