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  1. Well Wht I think shut the Hell up Russian gay pple this RuSsia not shitty
    country!!! Go to America stop ruining my country XDD

  2. Go ahead faggots, boycott all you like. Its better if anything, No more
    faggots associated with proud Russian products

  3. concription in the UK not gonna happen, but just think about it!! We got
    sooo many muslim LOADS OF SUCIDE BOMBS 😀

  4. Who knows, the desperate NWO may be planning to slander Russia to achieve a
    concensus in the UK that Russia is a tyranny, giving them the opportunity
    to introduce conscription in the UK – thus killing many russians & many
    brits at the same time too – all part of the population reduction plan!

  5. Good luck with that. US forcing abortion onto its people like tic tacs
    while Russia promotes child birthing.

  6. I think you are so right. The cabal is extremely desperate. They know they
    can now get nowhere with the Syria issue now that Russia has Syria
    surrounded by battleships with 160,000 troops on the ground too. Everything
    depended on conquering Syria. They are stumped – & they are just one step
    away from being arrested. At such a crucial time, they really needed the
    Syria invasion to be easy. Now, they are stuffed!

  7. You judge russian people by the laws their government makes?!! Get outa

  8. please you pay the jews so what your there boss dumb ass.. fucking stupid
    British pushed for the state of Israel its a hoax…

  9. what did i say that was a lie? something cant be a lie if it is full of

  10. Careful, you’re falling into the trap. The issue here is that this is
    propaganda, intended to purposely divide people. The ban on the promoting
    of a gay lifestyle towards minors is NOT the issue. The issue is that the
    west is using this to divide people.

  11. well it goes against creation and evolution, as to pro create you need a
    man and a woman without that evolution cannot occur if there is no species
    to evolve with!

  12. dude that’s the same lie perpetrated against the nazi good luck with that…

  13. Russians really are the worst kind of people. I work in the Medical field
    and frequently have to deal with Russian immigrants and they are among the
    rudest most self serving useless pieces of shit. Gross people all around
    and this law proves it.

  14. Well to be honest everyone on online games hates Russians, its just a
    natural thing to hate Russians they sound awful they all have a very
    similiar look (low genetic pool) and their out of touch with the rest of
    Europe.. Actually I think Russia should be classed as Asian that have more
    in common.

  15. looks like faggots is the last hope of Obama and the whole US zionist
    criminal regime

  16. dude you just went fully stupid your saying that the bible is not proof yet
    your schools refine versions of books everyyear because if they didnt they
    would be lieing about the lie LOL educated fucking idiot

  17. there is no such thing as ‘sin’ , there is no demonstrable evidence for sin
    itself. so therefore there is no evidence to prove that being homesexual is
    a ‘sin’.

  18. I have had dealings with a number of russians during the last few years –
    here in the UK and in Iceland. Russians are no different to any other
    national. They are friendly, helpful and likeable.

  19. I PAY NO JEW SIR!! and to a jew we (non- jews aka goys) and our childeren
    are the lowest of the low, they call us pigs and dogs, rabbis are allowed
    to suck a newborns dick y? becuase of their religion???? and thats allowed,
    but some puerto rican cons some young girls to runaway from home and live
    with him for ten years , then gets life plus a 1000?? this cuntry is over
    run by the jew look at my other video and see just how many jew work under
    the obama administration.

  20. You need to get upto date mate, jew is soo old now. Russian is the new
    thing to be hating

  21. im not falling for a trap i get what your saying before hand just making a
    statement lol.

  22. America is full of weirdos there is no such thing as gay only sin you cant
    glorify sin and label it as truth these fags are living a lie.

  23. What the fuck “Russian troops in Syria”? What are you talking about? Russia
    is not even allowed to bring a contingent of peacekeepers in the Golan
    Heights, and you say the troops. You either brainwashed by propaganda or
    you’re just lie.


  25. Nonsense! Are you a shill? Are you promoting the idea that russians are
    everything but normal people at a time when the evil cabal has embarked on
    a mission to destroy Russia by gravely-manipulated consensus of opinion?
    Does shilling for tyrants pay well these days?

  26. I don’t know if you know this already: The evil cabal has been flooding
    Russian streetlife with drugs from Afganistan being sold very cheaply. This
    has been done to make young men unsuitable for conscription into the
    russian military through drug addiction in the hope that it would deplete
    the russian military to a pathetic “dads army” military. The 160,000
    russian troops currently in Syria however (& the many russian warships
    offshore) shows clearly the cabal has failed to achieve this.

  27. WRONG it does not go against evolution, most mammals, birds fish and
    reptiles, REGULARLY engage in homosexuality, it makes complete sense it
    would happen to us. we are only animals ourselves. To account for
    homosexuality (or any phenomenon) using evolution it is necessary that it
    be natural, i.e it must occur naturally without human influence. Thus far
    we have only used animal behavior to illustrate the naturalness of

  28. theres no demonstrable evidence proving our school books!!! the education
    system is ran by the same people that wrote the bible ….JEWS so you cant
    trust nothing honestly! do your research our world is in the shape its in
    because of religion. ie. JEWS brought the slaves here, and blamed it on the
    europeans, christopher columbus was a jew exile from spain, etc. etc.

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