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  1. David Pakman censors progressive voices that are too strong for his liking
    in his comment sections with the youtube “mute” feature. It is sneeky
    because even though your comments are visible to you, they are invisible to
    everyone else. The moral is he is just like the rightwingers he criticizes
    in his own actions.

  2. Pakman sucks the bag. He is a total suck-up to Zionist Israel. He was an
    absolute defensive pain in the ass, during the attack on Israel in 2012,
    after the US election. He should not be on the TYT Network. There is no
    integrity in a man who has incredible bias in regard to the apartheid
    treatment of a certain ethnic group. If he can’t get over his blatant
    biases, and can’t even acknowledge them in public, then I have absolutely
    no space for him.

  3. David’s good at reading the news, giving a benign statement about the new
    and then having his friend rehash what he just said in an even more benign

  4. Th rich need to be progressive and the poor need to be conservative, that
    would be a good balance that would actually work but that’s not going to

  5. Considering how much money they get from youtube advertising he can pay for
    his own shit.

    Also the show is shit honestly.

  6. Wow, now that fucking asshole is getting people to give him free money for
    new shiny toys- I mean, upgrade his studio, improve his show, like what TYT
    didn’t do? I’d rather give my money to a charity.

  7. I unsubbed from David Pakman when he started to spread US propaganda in
    regards to Venezuela. Bashing Hugo Chavez party and not mentioning the US
    coup attemts.

  8. Pakturd is a douchbag.
    He’s planning on Banning people from his channel for having opposing or
    negative views on his channel.
    He can’t handle criticism and gets butthurt easy.
    He doesn’t care about different points of view, he just wants your money.

  9. Pakman is even more looney than this channel. I mean, here on this channel,
    you have your typical every-day libtards. On Pakman’s channel, you have
    Libtards with Downs Syndrome and a crack pipe in their mouths.

  10. Well I was subscribed to Davids channel (and enjoyed it for the most part)
    until he ran the story on the lady in the UK who died and her dr said it
    was marijuana toxicity because she smoked like 1 joint every night before
    bed or some shit. But the major issue I had with it was that he ran the
    story as FACT. Which any half informed dipshit knows is physically
    impossibe. His headline said something like “woman dies of marijuana
    toxicity”. Its irresponsible at best, but closer to being a pawn in the
    (right wing sponsored) misinformation campaign against cannabis. You owe
    your subscribers to at least research news stories before you just parrot
    some sensationalistic headline. Sorry I just cant support that. 

  11. Pakman has a great show and their reporting and interviewing skills just
    get better and better. If I had one bit of advice for Pakman, it would be
    to scrutinize government claims more closely. Just because the NSA says its
    programs are legal, doesn’t mean it is. Just because Obama makes certain
    claims about the drone program, doesn’t exactly make it accurate or true.
    However, good job and good luck!

  12. Pakman witnessed a child being molested in some country in Europe and did
    nothing but come home and make a video about it. People are full of talk
    until actually confronted with a situation that they could make a
    difference in and then you see exactly the type of people they really are.
    Fuck that guy.

  13. David Pakman is truly Sarah Palin’s DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY!
    Palin PWNS this ass-clown in every single aspect! When Palin becomes
    President, she will EXPOSE his PUSSY for the whole world to see!

  14. Pakman’s show is good, way better than that Secular Talk guy who tries to
    speak and act exactly like Cenk does

  15. I love all the criticism that TYT gets… people always complaining that
    they’re just a bunch of opinionated “libtards”. Yes, they’re opinionated,
    that’s the whole point of the show. People criticize them all the time but
    never have any valid points to criticize them with. I really hope the
    majority of TYT viewers are smarter than these dumb asses and are just
    staying quiet in the comment section because they know how many idiots
    there are here. Obviously I don’t agree with TYT all the time, but I
    realize that I’m never going to agree with anyone all the time. At least
    TYT gets the stories out there for us to form their own opinion.

  16. I subbed him a while back. His vids are OK. One-sided of course but aren’t
    all news channels? They are either left or right. Not many in the middle.
    Anyways, the Hatriot segment is always funny.

  17. David Pakman is great – been with his channel for a few years, used to be a
    member (can’t realistically afford it right now) – sure, he gaffs now and
    then, but he has a much more centrist grounded view on the world and events
    than Cenk & co.

    He can be a bit too idealistic at times, but you don’t watch opinion shows
    just to sit and nod 100% in total agreement – his views, although I don’t
    always agree with them, are generally well thought out and interesting to
    hear and read.

    Louis, is the bomb, it should be renamed “The David and Louis Show”, in my
    opinion. He contributes just as much intelligent thought, and the two
    bounce off each other so naturally. David is the idealist of the two, Louis
    is the realist.

  18. Didn’t realise David supported Israel and the actions it takes, seriously
    thinking of unsubscribing

  19. David Pakman, you mean the young kid with that sack like suit and Justin
    Bieber hair style, with a “straight man” Louis, those 2 huge microphones?
    He certainly has the creds to know that progressive ideology would do
    wonders for the US economy/society. Yes indeed!

  20. Isn’t Maddow,as much a lapdog to the Democrats,as Maher? That,by the
    way,was a rhetorical question….

  21. Packman is good. I watch his videos but Lewis does not add anything to the
    conversations. Sometimes I think he’s not even listening to the commentary.

  22. I used to love David Pakman. The reason I unsubbed was how he immediately
    implied Wikileaks/anyone questioning Michael Hastings suspicious death
    were, you guessed it – conspiracy theorists. A little like how the US gov
    uses terrorism as their one-size-fits-all argument to justify bombing,
    invading and proxy wars around the globe.

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