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  1. After around 6:45 Cenk disagrees with Sam Harris’ saying most Muslims
    believe in some dangerous views like killing people who leave Islam (death
    for apostasy). Harris (and Maher) cite polls done of Muslims such as by Pew
    where in some countries, like Egypt, those Muslims who said they were in
    favor of things like that were in the 60-70-80 % range. In some Muslim
    countries polled, the % were the opposite, very low. We could do a tally to
    see if among the Muslims in all the countries polled was the total a little
    above or a little below 50 %. It may be either. If it’s a little less, is
    that really better? What does Cenk do here? He says in his opinion (notice
    he isn’t citing any study or research as Harris and Maher did) people in
    every religion are exactly the same as people in every other religion
    vis-a-vis what and how they believe and because most Christians, for eg.
    don’t take everything in their tradition literally then most in any other
    religion don’t either. It should be obvious that Cenk is making
    claims/statements based on his beliefs and not on any established facts
    just like Ben Affleck did with Bill Maher and others sometimes do. Who
    should you believe about this question? If you hesitate to just take
    Cenk’s, or Affleck’s, or others’, word about this, rather than polling data
    by Pew and others, does that make you a bigot or a “racist?” It seems that
    that’s what Cenk and others are saying. 

  2. In before the army of people screaming that cenk is “misrepresenting” their
    lord and saviour

  3. I’m new to this Sam Harris/Islam uproar. However, I’ve heard Harris speak
    on other topics, and it struck me as odd. I think most would agree that
    Harris is intelligent, well-educated and broadly liberal. That doesn’t sit
    well with being simplistically against the membership of a major faith
    spread across many countries, let alone being for torture and for a
    preemptive nuclear strike.

    Fortunately, beneath the relevant video under “Uploads”, a critic of Harris
    provided a link to a piece where Harris defends himself. It’s pretty long,
    but if you care about the topic it repays careful reading. I believe it
    shows why i’s important to see his controversial “opinions” in context.

  4. agnosticism ftw… “anti-theist” is a retarded term, most are just gnostic
    and afraid to admit their arrogance.

  5. What the only response to you refusing to admit to misrepresenting is
    crying? How about loosing respect for you? Not saying that I have or have

  6. Sam Harris uses the rational argument against religion to justify his
    Utopian sociological agenda, however the implementation of such a grand
    scheme would in turn negate all the things that americans hold dearly.
    Freedom of speech and thought is pretty much at the top of every americans
    list and i find it hard that they would allow anything to infringe on
    it……Nor should they! Sam Harris is an atheist, and i happen to agree
    with him on religion being an outdated social structure with which one
    should adhere to, however i have respect for people beliefs and while i
    disagree with them i feel they are entitled to devote there time to
    whatever they want………Sam Harris should learn that being an atheist
    doesn’t give him the right to sensationalize religion by using obscure and
    sometimes completely ‘made up’ statistics to justify his stance. Ben
    Affleck Called him out on that fact and he was obviously unprepared to
    share his sources, in other words, they never existed. And to be honest i
    find it rather distasteful for sam harris to point at Islam (Muslim) when
    Judaism and Christianity are far more influential in his community.
    Shouldn’t he be more concerned with whats happening in his own backyard
    before he starts taking on whats happening on the other side of the globe?
    just a question! 

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