9 Comments on “Uganda Anti-gay Law Celebrations”

  1. Christians celebrating death to all gay people, typical. Christianity has
    proven throughout history to be a religion of hate, fear and ignorance. May
    Uganda burn and their children starve from the ignorance and inhumane

  2. Homosexuality is not African, its not European, its not Native American,
    etc…it is HUMAN. Whether you want to be at each others throat until
    everyone is blue in the face will not change the fact that people engaged
    in these behaviors for cultural purposes, YES CULTURAL, for power, for
    pleasure and because omg they actually love the other party. And yes
    Museveni even acknowledged homosexuality existing pre-colonialism (just
    said they had discretion..) I am not a member of the lgbti community but i
    am for human rights and the way sexual minorities have been treated is
    inhumane and thats wherein my problem lies. Down to the basics everyone
    deserves to be safe in their own skin and this witch hunt in Uganda proves
    that Museveni and all is talk about their being no discrimination against
    gays is false. Neighbors are becoming vigilantes, newspapers outing
    supposed gays, forcing people to inform the authorities of gays or they
    will be charged, is this not a problem of human rights even for the
    sanctified and straight?

  3. Cut all their funds…when they are begging for food, let them starve and
    see how much they like their hate on a plate!

  4. This is done to distract people from the real problems that Uganda is
    facing. It’s common to stigmatize a minority to distract the majority from
    the real problems. Plus it’s easier for them to start a witch hunt and to
    foster fear and hate than it is to fix the problems going on in the country
    such as starvation, malnutrition, extreme poverty and so forth. It’s a
    shame christians ever came to africa. Homosexuality used to be considered
    normal until the europeans came.

  5. For that Fascist Museveni WILL hang for his crimes against humanity like
    his forefather the blood thirsty anti-gay Nazi Heinrich Himmler would have
    had the coward not killed himself first. Also every single grotesque,
    mentally diseased, waste of life, blood thirsty, Nazi barbarian trash in
    that hate parade will meet the same fate as their anti-gay predecessors in
    Germany and Italy. That fate being prison or death for their crimes against
    humanity. Fair warning.

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