5 Comments on “UN responds to Ugandan Bill on homosexuality”

  1. Gay practice is like a drug. Drug that is illegal or legal. It got good and
    bad sides.
    They maybe communicators or middle-items that straights cant fulfill to
    certain gaps.
    Good side – entertainers, beauty experts, cooks, athletes, friends etc and
    acceptable for those who enjoys them. Gays’ bad side – in Asia (extracting
    only of majority counts), they are pimps (of any kind), drug dealers, night
    leeches or
    hawkers (hookers), child molesters, entertainers and boosters in parlors
    malls etc. They cloak in schools, churches,and in any
    drug-prostitution-related businesses. Gay community should produce a
    saint.Geographically Islamic countries and tribes disallows and rejects gay
    practice (You calculate your own majority). Core pro-gays must send gay
    activists to core Muslim countries to taste Islamic medications for the gay
    practice.Mathematically religious statistics over-rules any government or
    politically-motivated belief counts about gays.

  2. He said “LGBT” This law has no issue with TransGender… LGBT term should
    not be used in this topic.

  3. This law would lower the amount of HIV and AIDS patients because there
    would be less homosexual sex…. CAUSE AND EFFECT.

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