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  1. Ah yes, the US Evangelicals have a lot to answer for. Their pervasive,
    systemic hate propaganda is diseased and poisonous. 

  2. “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so
    unlike your Christ.” -ghandi

  3. How improbable do you consider the concept of after death, waking up in a
    big white room with scientists all around, saying something along the lines
    of “Thank you for you cooperation with this virtual reality programme.
    You’ve taught us a lot about the human condition and how we approach
    something beautiful but finite. Welcome back to reality”?

  4. Yes the Evangelicals pastors are to blame for spreading their sermon of
    hate and violence towards gays, but the gullible, uneducated Ugandans are
    more to blame for embracing their teachings.

  5. Hemant. Your videos are always great, but this is one was just perfect!
    Thanks for doing what you do.

  6. The modern Christian mindset is, “No! Don’t kill the gays! Let us have
    some time with them so that we can change them *back* to being
    heterosexuals. Then if we can’t fix them, God will burn them for eternity
    anyway. See? No problem. It will all sort itself out one way or

  7. Wish these fundamental radical Evangelicals burn in Hell for Eternity, get
    sodomised by Satan with an Obelisk that have The Ten Commandments on it
    every second of their existence of filth. I hope they all go and spread
    their filthy desert dogma in countries like North Korea and receive the
    ‘shooting squad’ punishment so they can perish in their imaginary Hell
    earlier and preserve us some oxygen.

    Seriously, fellow Christians, these people really make your religion look
    bad. I know there are very nice Christians out there that disagree with
    this sort of AIDS plague of homophobic indoctrination but this has to stop.

  8. That’s why many religious people don’t praise the alleged creator of the
    universe. They worship a book.

  9. “Someone took you seriously, even though we knew better than that.” Every
    Christians should *facepalm* and go away….

  10. “We don’t want to punish them”
    We just want to let god to do it in his kinky-as-fuck torture-basement.

  11. The evangelicals who spread that hate and ignorance in Uganda are a
    disgrace to humanity. Scott Lively is apparently a major reason for the
    plague of homophobia in Uganda…he also blames gays for the holocaust, no
    really, he does…

  12. There was a great quote I saw on tumblr (I don’t know who it’s from, but
    it’s still beautiful) “Homosexuality has been found in over 1,500
    species… Homophobia has only been found in 1.”

    EDIT: I just fucked up the grammar.

  13. Why can’t Humanity and Rationality just be friends instead of barely
    greeting each other on the street and then wlak into completely different

  14. Fact, homosexuality is natural occurrence. Fact, the Bible is incompatible
    with homosexuality… Fact: Christianity in any form (slam that square peg
    into the round hole with as big a hammer you like) is incompatible with
    nature… The “have you cake and eat it too” Christians need to take the
    atheist plunge… Give the hell up already.

  15. The third worlders will always look to us as example it is best we act like
    the pillars of soceities not like evangelicals

  16. A few years ago, I was very poor, and I went to get free meals at missions.
    Feeling like I should give back whatever I can, I volunteered with a few of
    my friends to cook meals for the homeless in a church that helped us. They
    knew we didn’t believe in God and tried to convert us many times, but of
    course, we knew better. We still wanted to do our part and kept
    volunteering, and at some point they proposed to send us do humanitarian
    work in Africa. We thought it was pretty damn cool. They invited a bunch of
    kids from Uganda, kids that were helped by the Watoto fundation. Then the
    kids did a presentation, saying stuff like “the Watoto fundation taught us
    to read the Bible”, and saying the jobs they wanted to have later on.
    Rather than being typical jobs kids would like to do, these kids wanted key
    jobs in their countries. On about 15-20 kids, 3-4 wanter to be bankers. 3-4
    wanted to be in the military. 3-4 wanted to be lawyers, 3-4 wanted to be
    politicians. It seemed very suspicious to me, and we quickly decided that
    we didn’t want to do that kind of “humanitarian work”, which was more like
    brainwashing kids so that Christian Americans can influence their country

  17. I never understand when someone else wants to tell another person how they
    need to run their life.

    And, of course, when the other person tells them what to do, they freak

  18. You give your Evangelicals too much credit, the basis of the beliefs which
    resulted in laws like this are from wider Christianity and the Christianity
    forced on Ugandans during the period of British Colonial occupation. It’s
    unlikely (even though they hold similar beliefs) that American Evangelicals
    have that much of an impact on Ugandan beliefs and legislature.

  19. Let’s see here, they believe in a god who will punish these people
    eternally for being *naturally* attracted to the opposite sex, but they
    still obsess with them. Yet, these “christians” cry persecution whenever we
    atheists speak up about their intrusive actions.

    What’s the difference here? We atheists don’t believe a higher power will
    condemn them for beliefs or behaviors.

  20. The difference between Uganda and the US simply comes down to the fact that
    we have a government that is secular enough to mitigate the true impulses
    of our evangelicals, while Uganda has allowed religion to intermingle with
    its government far more, thus yielding this sort of draconian punishments
    for something which should not be a crime. Make no mistake, if there was
    not a rigid wall between church and state in this country, and if there
    were not vocal advocates for this wall of separation, many evangelicals
    would have our laws rewritten to make homosexuality, along with other
    Biblical taboos, made into a capital offense. 

  21. It should also be mentioned that efforts to colonize Africa for Christ are
    terrific money-spinners for all these greedy evangelical charlatans.

  22. The Preachers here in the United States make me laugh. All of a sudden they
    want to avoid responsibility. I wont hold my breath though when it comes to
    them retracting what they said.

  23. We are living in the age of information with the internet at hand, I would
    think people better educated. Some of my experience with an internet
    education, I have found lots of good information. Sadly, I have found lots
    of miss information as well. I still can’t wrap my mind round, that people
    put laws in to place because of the bible or any religious reason. I would
    like to learn more about the people behind these hate law. Where do they
    get the money to put these hate laws in to place?

  24. I remember watching an interview with Stephen Fry on the Craig Ferguson
    show, where Stephen told us how he interviewed the Ugandan minister of
    (Ethics and Integrity) about homosexuality. Stephen told the minister that
    there are far worse problems in Uganda than homosexuality, for example you
    have an almost epidemic of child rape in Uganda, where the Minister came
    back with “Ahhh, but it’s the right kind of rape. This is men raping
    girls.” What a fucked up world we live in.

  25. The only thing the church cares about is your gullibility and
    more importantly your money.

  26. Once at a church on the Gold Coast a pastor compared Homosexuality to
    pedophiles, most disgusting comparison I had ever heard and part of the
    reason of why I am today an Atheist!

  27. It’s because the evangelicals they still burn people alive for witchcraft
    in Africa 

  28. Funny how on the side bar I see a video that says “U.S. Conservatives
    Praise Ugandan Anti-Gay Law”. Do they really want to distance themselves if
    thats true?

  29. I say this with totally no loaded value judgment, but I always got a strong
    feeling that Hemant was gay? He never mentioned whether he was, nor should
    he need to, but it helps fuel my curiosity

  30. Not to say that being gay is a sin, but what happened to, “hate the sin,
    love the sinner”?

  31. The US Evangelicals and members of the far right are not distancing
    themselves from these bills because they don’t agree with them, they are
    distancing themselves because they started this, inspired it, and want it
    to continue, not just in Africa but in the United States as well. They lit
    the fire and are standing back to watch it burn. They don’t care how many
    people are killed, beaten, or imprisoned because of their views or actions.
    I believe it is just a matter of time before they propose and try to pass
    these same kinds of bills in the United States. Mark my words, US
    Christians and the far right WILL try to make it ILLEGAL to be gay in
    America, possibly go as far as to make it punishable by death. These
    people are the enemies of freedom, the enemies of equal rights, and the
    enemies of humanity. They will come for us one day, mark my words, and I,
    for one, will be ready.

  32. I don’t know about that, I had a friend that’s like 19, 20, that thought we
    were all “hopping on some fad/bandwagon” because people like me and people
    like the producers of Good Luck Charlie see nothing wrong with same sex
    marriage. He likened it to incest.

  33. I wonder if there is a promise of financial reward from the US if Uganda
    passes pro-conservative, pro-conservative laws.

  34. +Elvis Amissi

    Did you really think because you blocked comments on your response to this
    video that you would avoid criticism? Think again.

    “There’s something wrong with all of you too..and it needs fixing…”

    Every con artist ever said the same thing. What you are selling is absolute
    bullshit. We will not tolerate your ilk trying to force others under your
    control, come at me at your own risk.

  35. I think you are defining love incorrectly. To simply love a homosexual
    individual would mean that you are happy about where they are going. Being
    happy for someone’s pathway to hell is not love. Love is being honest with
    the people you are surrounded with.

  36. India passed a similar law a while ago, albeit for a lesser punishment. For
    some reason, it wasn’t as publicized as this event was.

  37. The christian at large will respond by saying “those people over there”
    aren’t real christians if they even run from accountability at all. Some
    extremists may just embrace these laws and try to get similar ones passed

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