We Support Gay Rights

Students at Capital City PCS standing up for gay rights. By: Keonie & Clara Thanks to Jonah who helped edit this. Here’s his page: http://www.youtube.com/use…

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  1. @gohareh1 Oh and many ppl talk about “gay sex” and lust as if it’s the same
    thing, but did you know that only 1/5 gay couples have anal sex compared to
    1/3 straight do? So go preach to the straight ppl.

  2. @DogsneedpIeasuretoo #1 Yes I do know. #2 Yes I have. #3 No you can’t. I’m
    done with you ‘doggieman’. (I should have guessed from your name you were
    ‘iffy’) Go walk your dog. K

  3. Awesome video!!! I want to personally thank all of you for your very
    personal and life affirming message. You guys get it at such a young age.
    The world is counting on you and you are the best leaders. Thank you and
    big love. xo

  4. @allloveislove I’ve passed it on to both of them and charlie shared it on
    the facebook page. I also sent it to a local named Trixie Star who
    organized Hudson Pride, she hasn’t responded yet, but I’ll be sure to let
    you know what she says. Also, would you mind if I did a hubpages on this?
    If you go to hubpages.com and search Melissa Royal, that’s my profile.

  5. I think this deserves more attention! This is a wonderful video. It’s made
    very well and I love all of the support. I couldn’t agree more with all
    that was said! You should try sending this to a tv channel called current.
    They might air it, because they air view created content! Try it out, see
    if they will air it!!

  6. Once again this body of students and teacher amazes me like no other.
    Excellent job to the kids at the Upper School. It’s takes so much more work
    to choose to understand and love another person than it does to hate them.
    You chose to work and to understand! Which should not be surprising coming
    from Cap City students. Beautiful message, presented in some delightfully
    silly ways. Unrelated fake moustache? Literally coming out of a closet!?!
    lol. And the cheer were all fun to watch. Great job!

  7. @gohareh1 Exactly what uncontrollable lust are you talking about? Gays are
    just like straight ppl when it comes to lust. Lust is a normal part of us.
    And don’t bring religion into this since God loves gays too and not all are
    religious. You have a choice not agree with it but you do not have the
    right to take it away from someone else. It hurts no one and the most
    important thing in life is our ability to love and be loved back.

  8. @Worldofwarcraftsbro shut up who asked for your comment …. let
    WazHappenin09 write what he/she wants worry about your own opinion!

  9. @allloveislove I’m not sure if I shared this with you. I think I may have,
    but I’m not sure. Anyway, I published an article on this a few months ago
    on my hubpages.

  10. By the way…I am totally against discrimination. Though I abhor
    homosexuality, I would NEVER be inclined to be prejudiced against them, any
    more than I would be inclined to do so with anyone else that I disagree
    with. If anyone believes that I am, please be assured that I’m not. I’ll
    debate with anyone in a respectful way. (Except doggieboy…I’ll not debate
    with him. I’m done with him) K

  11. @DogsneedpIeasuretoo Listen, I’m finding you quite tiresome now. Can’t you
    read between the lines. You say that so long as they DON’T actually DO what
    they desire to do, they’re not hurting anyone. You are SO naive. They’re
    hurting THEMSELVES!! Sheesh. Listen, let me ask you just two things. I
    don’t know how old you are, but I’m guessing you’re pretty young. Anyway,
    imagine you’re a parent. Would you let a Paedo look after your child? Would
    you let a Zoophile walk your dog? No? Thought not. K

  12. I think this video is a fantastic representation of kids standing up for
    what they believe is right! Capital City teaches kids to be socially aware
    and think for themselves. I’m excited to see students expressing their
    value for love over hate.

  13. @WazHappenin09 morality is defined by society and personal choice, so if
    that’s what YOUR morals teach you, then you can take your morality and
    shove it where the sun don’t shine

  14. @DogsneedpIeasuretoo Are you seriously suggesting Paedos and Zooites
    deserve rights? And you would support them? IF THEY’RE NOT HARMING ANYONE?
    I don’t think you can possibly know what Paedophilia or Zoophilia is. This
    has got to be a wind up. Let me explain it for you. Paedos are sexually
    aroused by children, and Zoophiles by animals. So. You tell me. How can
    either one express their orientation WITHOUT harming anyone? They’re sick
    in the head and heart, and require treatment, you numpty. K

  15. @napalmnacey thank you so much ! that means more to me than you can know.
    that’s exactly why we made this video, and it’s great to see it’s making a
    difference :].

  16. You all sound like you’re as high as a kite? What is wrong with you people?
    You try to come across as tolerant, but you’re INTOLERANT of other peoples
    opinion. Not EVERYONE accepts that being homosexual is ‘normal’. You say
    that you have no choice what sexuality you are. Who you’re attracted to.
    Well, the same could be said of paedophiles or someone with zoophilia.
    Should we afford them ‘rights’ too? K

  17. @allloveislove “connections or an idea on how to get this video out there
    and raise awareness” just gave me an idea! How silly of me to not think of
    it before! I’ll share this with Charlie Ferrusi and Timothy Howard (not
    sure if you’ve heard their story). Charlie happens to be my cousin and if
    he and Tim see this, I’m sure they’ll do the favor of passing it along.
    Google: Hudson Prom King and Queen 2010 if you haven’t heard their story
    yet. Also, I’ll give a link to two others as well.

  18. Oh you wonderful people, you made me cry. I’m a queer woman from Australia,
    and this video made me smile for the entire 6 minutes and 20 seconds. This
    sort of thing means more to us in the GLBTI community than you can possibly
    know. Bless you all, I wish I could hug you all. These tears of happiness
    are my thanks to you.

  19. @DogsneedpIeasuretoo For YOUR information ‘doggieman’ I AM a psychologist.

  20. @allloveislove It’s been on a few progressive blogs, so I would say it’s
    making its mark in the world. Ripples in a pond, and you’re sending out
    ripples of love and acceptance. Keep it up! <3 <3 <3

  21. @avlfreak thanks ! we think it deserves more attention too :]. anyone out
    there that has connections or an idea on how to get this video out there
    and raise awareness, contact us ! we’d love it :]. i’ll try current. (:

  22. Laughed out loud at the girl texting, then saying “hell yeah i do”.
    Teenagers in their natural looseness, yet earnest and sincere. Just
    awesome. Wish we could see the bisexual story who tells the sad story at
    the end.

  23. Such a moving video. Thank God for the next generation! If these kids are
    our future we’re in much better shape than I thought! Thanks!!!

  24. @kangtheconqueror “#1 Yes I do know.”←Then why you said this: “How can
    either one express their orientation WITHOUT harming anyone?” and this:
    “They’re sick in the head and heart, and require treatment, you
    numpty.”←You are making a generalization that all of them are sick and now
    you say you know that they are not all sick? If you a psychologist you need
    to study more. “#2 Yes I have.”←What evidence you have that you are a

  25. @kangtheconqueror “How can either one express their orientation WITHOUT
    harming anyone?”←Pedophiles that do not act on real children do not harm
    anyone, and zoophiles that do not abuse aniamls do not harm anyone. Does
    that answer your question? “They’re sick in the head and heart, and require
    treatment”←You are not a psychologist or you would now that there are
    healthy pedophiles and zoophiles that do not have a paraphilic disorder. Do
    not generalize that every person with a paraphilia is sick.

  26. Thank you, Keonie and Clara! You’ve made my day. Your parents must be so
    proud of you! I plan to pass your video on right away!

  27. @kangtheconqueror So you do now that a paraphilia and paraphilic disorder
    are not the same things, right? PS: you have evidence you are a psychology?
    Can I see a picture proving that you have studies in psychology?

  28. @avlfreak You can post links if you leave spaces and like: ww w. namehere.
    com or htt p

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