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  1. You just did one of the things you scold(rightfully I might add) the right
    for all the time, you generalized. Yes certainly there are enough people on
    the religious right that are closet-gays, but certainly not each and every
    single one of them.

    There are plenty of reasons why people believe that gay marriage would
    “destroy” society not everything is linked to them want to suck cock, a
    line btw that you cite waaaaay too often latey.

    Remember we are talking about people that e.g. believe in the sometimes
    literal interpretation of the bible, or at least consider it to be true, a
    notion most of us secularist can’t wrap our heads around, even if we try.

    But picture this: to those people Sodom and Gomorrah is a historical fact,
    they believe that God once destroyed two cities because they were sinful.
    And they fear he might do it again.

    Now to me and I guess most other secular people thats crazy talk, but to
    them its reality.

    Not everything is related to wanting to suck dick Kyle.

    Also the kid you make fun off actually has a point, though he certainly did
    not put it forth correctly. Yes every man and women at some point in their
    lives have homosexual fantasies, that of course does not mean that they are
    homosexual, but it means that in each and every one of us there is a chance
    to be attracted to someone of our own gender or both.

    Which of course is nothing to be ashamed of and most of us won’t follow up
    on that fantasy but some will, those people are what people consider
    “homosexuals by choice”. Again homosexuality is not a by-choice-thing by
    default, many homosexuals are in fact born that way and even if they would
    want to, probably can’t change without feeling uncomfortable.

  2. His heart , on the surface, is in the right place, but, but, think about it
    for a bit.
    Interesting YouTube Channel, Secular Talk.

  3. That’s true… I didn’t get it either at first. I couldn’t understand the
    reasoning behind the rights idea that one could be tempted into gay sex,
    until I realized – they we’re being tempted into gay sex.

    It was quite an epiphany.

  4. The “nobody is straight” things sounds like a very, very, very condensed
    version of Kinsey’s theory. Then again, according the Kinsey scale, very
    few people are either completely gay or straight; most people fall
    somewhere in between (regardless of which sex they favor).

  5. Because if you give one demographic rights(blacks, gays, mexicans etc.)
    then you take away their right, to not let other people have rights. So in
    their mind it’s an issue of do they have the right to oppress other peoples

  6. If you allow gay marriage to take place in your state or your country the
    same thing will happen that happened here in Canada. Nothing. No fire from
    the sky, no worldwide flood. Nothing. Not even a zombie apocalypse. Now
    grow up or shut up.

  7. I agree to an extent. The leaders, the pastors, etc.. who spend ALL their
    time talking about this usually have an internal battle going on too. But
    not all homophobes have gay tendencies, most are just ignorant and
    influenced by these religious figures.

  8. Because- kids will be raised in this perverse bizarre lifestyle. I ask
    you- Is- one man climbing atop another man’s hairy ass and plunging his
    pecker into that man’s bung hole a NORMAL activity ? Is it an activity a
    sane Society and Culture wish to sanction, promote and condone ? Not if it
    wishes to see the 22nd Century. Homosexuality is not normal. <--- The entire crux of the agenda and argument. Kids should never be raised in that horrific environment. 2 lesbians or 2 gay men playing house can not replace the opposite gender parent, ever. My work is done here.

  9. I think you are right. Religious people are trying to overcome sin and
    become perfect, which is an all or nothing proposition, and highlights
    their continued intolerance to those who, in their eyes, have accepted the
    state of being sinful. You’d have thought that Jesus stating that no man
    can live up to the law (i.e., become perfect) would have brought tolerance
    into their belief systems, but they still seem to yearn for this impossible
    perfection nonetheless.

  10. Its not unusual for conservative bigots to think this way. Hell, they think
    that interracial marriage is destroying the entire white race.

  11. Why do people think Gay Marriage destroys society ?
    1. ignorance
    2. they listen to hate filled fundamentalists

  12. First of all they shouldn’t be called gay, they should be called people or
    person getting married because we are humanbeings!! We have the right to
    love anyone!! We as normal as the “normal” people, we love, we feel, we
    suffer, we laugh, we cry!! We should live in a world where everyone accepts
    one another without hatred and judgment!! A place filled with love and
    compassion for one another!! 

  13. Why do people think the earth is 6000 years old and that Jesus was white?
    Because they are credulous fools who will believe anything a religious
    leader tells them to believe.

  14. This is so true. I was just in a conversation with someone talking about
    how homosexuality could (in their defense, not would, just could) harm the
    human race because we wouldn’t reproduce anymore — as if we’re all
    secretly gay and just pretending to be heterosexual because of biblical
    fear or something :/

  15. Because next it will be paedophiles. one leads to the next mark My Word.
    You sick Fuckers.

  16. The way the closeted homophobes will be affected by same sex marriage is
    that they will no longer have an excuse to stay in the closet and force
    themselves into straight marriage.

  17. So is Kyle saying Christianity makes more men gay?
    There may be some psychological credibility to that idea and it could have
    something to do with Christian doctrine that teaches men how to keep women
    at arms length. The Bible essentially preaches that daughters are
    commodities to be traded as cattle or as sex substitutes for sodomites.
    Apparently women aren’t to be loved as God only put them on this earth to
    support men or as vessels to raise sons. So in essence the Bible teaches
    men to be suspicious of women and keep them at are arms reach. Their not to
    be trusted emotionally as they can never understand men. Women will only
    distract men from righteousness with their evil sexual temptations
    therefore men can only really trust other men.
    So that’s why so many God fearing Christian men fear gay marriage. They
    think that all other men despise women as they do and are likely to abandon
    their wives and shack up with other blokes bringing forth the impending
    collapse of society. Such sad simple minded fear mongering.
    Those holy books really are responsible for more twisted thinking everyday
    the more I learn about their depraved psychological effects they have on

  18. I think many of those that say its a choice may actually be bisexuals who
    are attracted to both but decide to repress one side of them and then get
    pissed off at gays and lesbians because they think they chose to not
    repress a side of them without the understanding that most people are
    monosexuals while some are bisexuals. Just a hypothesis I wish I could test
    but for now will remain just a hypothesis (from a bisexual who happily
    loves her both sides and who is unafraid to love both men and
    women-although current loving just one woman-).

  19. If one argues that being homosexual is a choice this infers that being
    heterosexual is a choice which infers that everyone is bi-sexual. 

  20. I thought this was going to be a conservative video and then… it became
    rational and HILARIOUS.

  21. Gay people like your self don’t want to be equal with straight couples,
    they want to rule over them and control everything. That is why the media
    is pushing so hard to put them in every program in tv and the news cast and
    in politics. Four rich gay men put Obama in office.
    who do you think is going to support?

  22. sir gay marriage just passed. I now would like to service your genitals.

    Sincerely, your co-worker bob. 

  23. I could have told you that years ago really. I believe it is called the
    Mind projection fallacy. The way you see the world reflected is the way it
    is. You’re not the crazy one, that’s just how the world is and how other
    people are.

  24. I’m so confused as to their whole “oh no, there won’t be reproduction”
    stuff… cause we’re in desperate need of MORE people. Really? I know of
    people that keep popping out kids when they shouldn’t be having any at
    all… come on now.

  25. why are we fixated on “blowing” men here… the host mentioned that at
    least 3 times…

  26. Bible-Thumpers oddly enough believe in collective responsibility. That is
    unless, we are all GOD fearing Christians (American Christians), then GOD
    will not pour down SPECIAL BLESSINGS on the U.S. (the New Jerusalem). 

  27. I think everyone is somewhere on the Kinsey scale. Human sexuality
    definitely isn’t binary. 

  28. he probably got confused with same sex attraction cause you can say to
    yourself “thats a good looking dude” and not be gay 

  29. Arguing against gay marriage by suggesting that if the law allowed people
    to marry people of the same gender would basically be like giving a
    permission for everybody to be gay is like saying that humanity would have
    no sense of morality without religion or God. It’s quite ironic considering
    most conservatives love to talk about individuality and personal
    responsibility and yet they cannot live their lives without some kind
    of rigid set of rules or dogma that keeps them from doing bad things. Not
    sure if I am making much sense here.

  30. No one is forcing churches to preform the marriage ceremonies, homosexuals
    just want their marriage and their adoption or custody rights of children
    recognized by the government. 

  31. I wish being gay was a choice. I’d much rather date someone that acts like
    I do. It’s much more frustrating dealing with women. But, it’s not a

  32. It’s because they literally believe in the Bible, “Sodom and Gomorrah”
    They genuinely fear some sort of retribution from their nonexistent cosmic
    psychopathic deity.

  33. those people u named are not real christians… they are bigots who use
    religion to uphold their bigotry or that of their supporters…they use
    religion to get rich off of the poor / stupid ….the percentage of gay
    people is 10% which is the standard deviation in nature… all natural
    systems have a 10% deviation from the norm which is necessary for
    viability…without such a variation the system is stagnant and will
    endanger it’s survivability

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