32 Comments on “Wife of Anti-Gay Crusader Divorces Him to Be with Lesbian Partner”

  1. He must not be very good at being anti-LGBT, seeing as he couldn’t spot one
    until this point.
    The further irony on top of the obvious irony is that he’ll probably lose
    his job as head of his organization because he fraternized with the enemy.

  2. I find absurdly funny that these macho homophobes just don’t know when to
    quit. The more they talk about “faggots” and “queers”, the more I’m sure
    that they just want to suck a dick.

  3. “Good for her!”
    What a fucking retarded statement. WTF did she do that was so “good”? Fuck
    her kids’ minds up and destroy a marriage? 

  4. Too bad the wife can’t get married in Texas.Sucks to suck.Hope Texas never
    legalizes that crap.Marriage will always be between a man and a women.All
    you leftist can call me a bigot I really don’t care.I don’t need to support
    people that have bullied me.

  5. A closeted male and female get married to secure a bond to satisfy what
    they perceive as a “normal”, healthy relationship guided by their Christian
    peers. The result of this marriage? Priceless.

  6. Leave it to the Christ-killers to be at the forefront of every
    revolutionary impulse. The only thing this flaming faggot doesn’t get
    enthused over is defending Jews from mass-murdering Muslim Nazis. Get your
    priorities straight (no pun intended), queer-boy, or perhaps that should be

  7. I’ve never heard of this guy. It is accurate or inaccurate to label him an
    “anti-gay crusader” or is he a pro-traditional marriage advocate? Words
    mean things. Pro-life advocates are labeled anti-abortion & abortion rights
    advocates bristle at the label pro-abortion. The absence of consistency
    turns language into a weapon of propaganda vs an instrument of truth.

  8. Talk about a “5-Alarm Fire”! Can anyone be more of a sodomite than Dave
    Packman? I’d shove a broomstick up his ass, but he’d probably enjoy it so
    much, he’d truly have a “flame-out”. People like him need to be
    quarantined. Of course, his non-marriage is nothing but a queer parody.
    Of course, if he were anything even approaching a “Christian”, he’d have
    known that Our Lord raised Holy Matrimony to the dignity of a Sacrament;
    not the ass-busting F-fest these queer-baits have made it into.

  9. Verily, truth is stranger and more interesting that fiction. I must larf at
    the guy utterly blind to his own home. Typical. A bizarre level of
    ignorance and lack of awareness. And funny as hell given what he does for
    a living. :):):):)

  10. Eh, she was just a beard. He’ll soon be caught with his male lover. And,
    yes, we’re laughing that his marriage fell apart.

  11. I would have never guessed that one of the reasons Christian retards are
    against gay marriage would be because they knew that the second that was
    legalized their partners would say “Screw you! I don’t need you for the tax
    benefits any more!” and go marry their secret gay flame.

  12. I’m anxiously anticipating the day Mr Saenz is caught in the men’s room
    doing the ‘Craig Toe Tap Shuffle’.

  13. LMFAO!!! This is hilarious, if you thought he hater piece of shit before
    he’s really gonna be a hater now.

  14. She was probably trying to be straight because she thought that liking
    women was evil, and that she could fight that evil and change by being with
    a man. Thankfully she learned accept herself. I just feel bad for the kid,
    if anything his dad should not have custody. I feel like the kid is in
    danger at this point.

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