34 Comments on “How To Survive Being Sick | Tyler Oakley”

  1. I’m sick right now and it’s the worse because i got my period the day I got sick which was a day ago. The worse is that my the day I go sick is that my nose was also bleeding. My nose is bleeding right now 🙁 I also got my freaking comfy robe dirty because of the blood of my nose. I’ve stayed on my couch 2 days straight! Only if I have to go to the bathroom.

  2. I'm sick and I was watching this video and it came to the soap part and I started to laugh, but then I was coughing ?

    (You can't laugh when you're sick; unless you want to die coughing)

  3. I have offically had more tea these past two days than I have my entire life. I cant even sleep more than two hours.

    I live alone and I dont have any contact with my family so I just sit there wishing someone would love me as I sneeze and cough my ass off.


  4. When I’m sick I watch movies and I just need people to hug me. STORY TIME. I had the stomach flu and my boyfriend put a blanket over his mouth and nose and he skipped school and just cuddled with me 🙂

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