34 Comments on “Marriage Proposal in my Mail?!”

  1. Every time I watch one of his videos I die either because he looks insanely cute or from laughing too much lol

  2. You are……..
    I have my iPhone on my hand…trying to write something..but don't know what to say and write…
    You are really cute tho.. Iam watching ur old videos..miss u

  3. my youtube is well what im commenting with and my twitter is Sydney Olivia I think or my instagram is Syd_ney_13 so yea uh I don't know where I was going with this. why does this always happen to me haha

  4. Hi connor even tho you might not post on this channel much anymore and you might not see this so hi am BrisaVarela i am almost turning 15 four months from now and i cant send you stuff anymore i just want to say that you are awesome and funny and i am also from idaho the potato state lol but yea you are awesome and ever since i discovered you early this year in September you have madw such a huge impact on me and you are one of tge most positive people i know love you

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