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  1. When you were giving adjectives to growing up I just thought that it was life… as in everything you can say about life you can say for growing up… Growing up is basically change and life doesnt stop changing so… but I think growing up is the biggest change everyone goes through.. once you hit 20 there are a bllion of first times waiting for you… so like you said enjoy the changes dont become the change… unless your like annoying, angry or something in tht sense… then you have a life changing lesson waiting for u around the corner =D

  2. I completely agree with you Connor! Even though I'm young now, I still understand what your saying. Your 21 which is an adult, but who cares! Goof around sometimes, and have fun! Don't ever change who you are because people say oh your immature, grow up, ect. I love you just the way you are and don't ever change that! You are an inspiration to me and probably many other people! Love you and don't ever let people put down your confidence because your amazing! 🙂 <3

  3. It is hard and lonely at times to be on your own and you have to learn to be independent and all that stuff, but it's exciting and most important it means you're growing and moving forward!

  4. Growing up, I don't mind doing chores and stuff, but I'll never change my personality. I love cracking jokes and making my friends laugh at my childishness!

  5. Connor you're so right, you're only going to be this young right now where acting goofy is acceptable. And I mean you have the rest of your life to act adult-like and be mature, so do you BOO lmao

  6. I agree growing up is hard and difficult and kind of sucks but also rocks to be independent. I'm only 19 but moved graduated highschool a year early; moved out at 17 to live on my own; by myself go to college where I am now tehnically a sophomore in now paying my own bills and trying to save up for an apartment in LA so I can transfer out to continue into a private school/college. It sucks; and it's hard being away from family so far away. And not being able to have help. But it is also soooo nice to have that independence and know "hey I'm an adult" — "Hey I'm growing up". Your awesome. Your move to LA to follow your dreams really inspires me to keep moving forward no matter how hard things get to keep saving so I can continue my education in Los Angeles. c:

    Also next pillow talk: dreams.

    🙂 @More Connor @ConnorFranta 

  7. Q: What do you plan on doing when you get too old for youtube. Like when your 40 and people stop watching. Like tbh your awesome and I watch your videos and I enjoy it A LOT. But I know it wont last forever and It is probably sad to think about but do you have any plans for when you get older?

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