37 Comments on “The Disney Challenge REMATCH (ft. Zoella) | Tyler Oakley”

  1. Tyler at 6:41 That is literally my faourite scene in high school musical omg ITS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT I COULDNT SEE THAT YOU WER ALWAYS THEIR BESIDE ME!! EVAN FAM FOR LIFEEEE!!!!!!!!

  2. I got that Tangled one within the first notes like how these two are getting some of the others within the first notes and I'm just like HOOOOOW DID YOU NOT KNOW 'I See the Light'? It's the BIG romantic song in that movie! 😀

  3. Dear Zoe and Tyler, I've actually had the worst night ever with my anxiety, but watching your disney colabs and friend vlogs is making me laugh and smile…thank you so much for being you and for bringing happiness to Youtube.

  4. I come to this video every year just to watch and laugh til I cry

    Alfie: best of friends
    Zoe: fox and the hound
    Zoe: when you're the best of friends


  5. I laughed so hard 1:23 "Don't touch me you dirty girl"? (I feel like I've heard that before, was that said by Bartok – Anastasia – ?? I can't remember, been a while since I've seen it, but that's not even a disney movie) ?

  6. I miss this challenge!!!aww i see the light is my fav romantic disney song!!!it got me when tyler said you're welcome !!omg!! I love the parent trap!!!hsm!!! Ahhhh!!!

  7. i had a breakdown and watched this immediately after because there’s nothing that makes me smile and laugh as much as these collabs.

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