ESPN host gets ‘Kiperized’ and it’s hair-larious!/wingoz/status/195167933553586176

In honor of the 2012 NFL Draft and long-time draft expert Mel Kiper, NFL Live host Trey Wingo has been Kiperized…

little known fact. Mel's hair is so big because he doesn't use a computer. the hair serves as his hard drive. #melfactsyouneedtoknow

— trey wingo (@wingoz) April 25, 2012

@wingoz That's hilarious

— Mel Kiper Jr. (@MelKiperESPN) April 25, 2012

@MelKiperESPN Or…hair-larious

— trey wingo (@wingoz) April 25, 2012

Hahaha, “Hair-larious!” We love it!!

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