Name the most famous animal!/fascinating_me_/status/185809134380269569

Some animals are more famous than others. Today, tweeters decided to place their votes for the most famous animal.

#famousanimals the taco bell dog. I miss him

— Elijah Daniel (@aguywithnolife) March 30, 2012!/1DersSay/status/185813145162485760

#famousanimals Bugs Bunny

— Robert Lendi (@justrobert__) March 30, 2012

#famousanimals Honey Badger

— YΔNDΔLL † (@NINALUVVV) March 30, 2012

#FamousAnimals ''Justin Bieber''

— νίκοςΝίκος* (@Nicholas_Greys) March 30, 2012

#famousanimals Casey Anthony ..

— I AM STEELER (@iGabe6) March 30, 2012

#famousanimals That weasel-looking pig thing I always see on TV… what's the name… Kim Kardashian. That's it.

— Greer Young (@Orangerrific) March 30, 2012

#famousanimals my ex

— Juan Andres (@QUeSustoParce) March 30, 2012

And of course, the left simply cannot allow a good hashtag game to be wasted.

#famousanimals I'd say Rick Santorum but I don't want to insult animals.

— The Kid. (@RoseLauper) March 30, 2012

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