New Yorkers blame climate change for rare tornadoes in Brooklyn & Queens!/HBK112/status/244448242887180288

NYFD has reported a possible #tornado touchdown in the Rockaways and Flatbush.

— Weather Underground (@wunderground) September 8, 2012

Surprised New Yorkers reported seeing something you don’t see often in Queens and Brooklyn this morning.

Yeah a #tornado is a good reason to cancel a swim race @ New York Aquarium

— Charlie Hoxie (@cthoxie) September 8, 2012

tornado in breezy/Brooklyn #tornado #storm

— Mike Abrams (@mike_abrams14) September 8, 2012

#tornado on the belt parkway. insaneeee

— Zack Rosenthal (@Zack12Rose) September 8, 2012

Here’s video of what may be a tornado touching down in Breezy Point, Queens.

May/may not be legit, not sure RT @wxjoe: VIDEO of possible tornado at Breezy Point:

— Andrew Freedman (@afreedma) September 8, 2012

Some armchair scientists seem to believe “The Day After Tomorrow” was actually a documentary. Naturally, they couldn’t resist screeching to the Twitterverse about climate change.

Tornado Alley is NOT supposed to extend into New England. But, global warming is a lefty plot, right, Rush??

— BPPA_AnthonyJK (@RGC_BPPA) September 8, 2012

@Herkolaos @TimBruett @ashpags Tornado watch in all 5 boroughs of NYC. Yeah. NYC. Tells me everything I need to know bout climate change…

— Justin Starr (@UrbanAstroNYC) September 8, 2012

I really don't remember having a tornado hit Queens and Long Island as a kid. No climate change huh?

— Keith Swiderski (@KeithSwiderski) September 8, 2012

Tornado seen hovering around Brooklyn climate change deniers hdq.

— Michael Chase Walker (@mchasewalker) September 8, 2012

Climate change is not a hoax RT @NY1weather: A Tornado Watch has been issued by the National Weather Service until 9PM for all 5 boros.

— LilEsBella (@LilEsBella) September 8, 2012

Brooklyn's the new Tornado Alley. Yeah let's not talk global climate change. -_-

— Violhaine2.0 (@Violhaine2_0) September 8, 2012

Close the library doors, Jake Gyllenhaal! Don’t let the global warming in!

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