Stupid Twitter rumor of the weekend: LSU football coach had affair with student!/sammcgaw/status/308008781420318720

Sam McGaw, a student reporter in Bowling Green, Ky., tweeted a rumor about LSU head football coach Les Miles Saturday night that caused a national stir.

Again, Les Miles’ alleged affair and resignation is a complete rumor. It hasn’t been confirmed yet. Nobody will know the truth until Monday.

— Sam McGaw (@sammcgaw) March 3, 2013

Reputable college football reporter Bruce Feldman confirmed that the rumor was not true.

Talked to a source at LSU tonight.. there is no truth to that wild rumor.

— Bruce Feldman (@BFeldmanCBS) March 3, 2013

McGaw had to face the music.

.@blogawful Someone told me to check it out on twitter and some recruiting boards. It’s a complete rumor. It’s just something to speculate.

— Sam McGaw (@sammcgaw) March 3, 2013

@canenation06 @djohn_1 Lol. I never expected this to blow up like it has. It’s kinda ridiculous.

— Sam McGaw (@sammcgaw) March 3, 2013

@kelswingert This Miles’ story is all you. This is a perfect opportunity for a student sports reporter.

— Sam McGaw (@sammcgaw) March 3, 2013

@lingsched I blame twitter. The 140 character limit wouldn’t let me do that. I figured people knew what rumor and allegedly meant.

— Sam McGaw (@sammcgaw) March 3, 2013

@jasonkirksbn That’s my lesson learned for the evening. I gave that info out way too late.Other than that, I only stated a rumor, not a fact

— Sam McGaw (@sammcgaw) March 3, 2013

But he benefited from the whole ordeal. He started the evening with 238 followers and is now well over 30,000.

The guy who started the false Les Miles rumor went from 200 followers to 30,000 in about 14 hours.

— Dan Wolken (@DanWolken) March 3, 2013

In recap, I said the Les Miles rumor was a rumor from the beginning. People tweeted that before I did. Thanks for the follows though.

— Sam McGaw (@sammcgaw) March 3, 2013

The recent Les Miles rumor represents the dark side of social media.

— Kasey Beasley (@Kasey_Beasley) March 3, 2013

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