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  1. I was 12 that year and remember how the heterosexual majority, even many liberals regarded the Gay Rights cause as some sort of freak show. Gay was considered a choice, and part of the "way out" landscape of big city life. It took courageous people like these to overcome the repression and the pejoratives. I am so grateful for what was done.

  2. I'm confused, this video is from 1970? or Does it include clips from later years? Jimmy Carter is mentioned several times but he was president from 1977 to 1980. Anita Bryant, the controversial country singer against gay rights came to light in 1977.

  3. 7:59 whoa he's gorgeous

    also thank you so much for sharing this history with us. i'm a part of the community myself and it's incredible to see how brave those who came before us were

  4. These are some true heroes

    Edit: Hey guys. Tough experiences you all have went through, and as a Gen Z trannie, I want to inform you that I will better myself and not complain over everything, and i hate I wish people wouldn’t complain over sprinkles and nuts because I’m stereotyped to be overly sensitive. I make fun of myself for satire, so I personally don’t really get insulted. I also want to point out that just from personal experience, I have to hide my m-f transition during school. In my school, m-f is accepted, but f-m is seen as inferior. I have people pushing me into lockers, threatening me, and I am called mean names. This is all personal experience, and I know it’s nothing compared to the shit y’all went through in the 80’s, but people support the murders of trans women and men today. Sad.

  5. I was born in 1973. I came out in 1989 and now in 2018 I am legally married, working in the field of behavioral health while my husband works at a federal prison. Those things would have been impossible in the 70's. We've come a long way, baby. Side note: this destroyed Anita Bryant's career. She ended up getting a divorce and many Christians turned their back on her for that. She went through bankruptcy twice. Now you never hear her name. Young gays wouldn't even know who she was. In fact I doubt if you said her name to any straight person under 40 that they would even know who she was.

  6. Lgbt these days are way to selfish and SHOVING it down peoples THROATS including kids in schools can you say gestapo!all this while advocating for anti gay muslim immigrants …….go figure Gays back then were more noble and smarter ……

  7. A whole lot of the men in this film are dead today, from AIDS. The women are just ugly. Would it kill them to wax their lips, wear makeup and look feminine? Hate to see that Bulldyke look.

  8. Little did these people know the storm that was coming called Aids that probably killed most of the men in this video. Leonard Maltovich died of AIDS in 1988. Anita Bryant and her anti gay crusade was nothing compared to the horror of the 1980s Aids epidemic.

  9. The movie "Milk" brought me here.  I bought it last week, and it was an eye-opener.  Brought me to tears.  Those people were the true pioneers.  Wish I could shake their hands.

  10. See. These pride parades were about love and rights. Why do the pride parades today have to be giant sex parties. I’m 29 and I’ve only gone to one pride parade because I’m not the sex party type, it makes me uncomfortable. It shouldn’t have to be like that.

  11. I have no problems with homosexuals being alive and living their lives. I do have problems with sinners celebrating sin. That would be drunkards celebrating public drunkenness at St Patrick's Day parades or getting drunk and driving and killing people. Or adulterers getting together in swinging parties and having perverted sex. Or homosexuals celebrating homosexuality in parades or having public perverted sex in bath houses. Or drug dealers selling drugs to kids or publicly selling drugs on street corners. Or murderers being made into cult figures. Or fornication of any type being treated as normal. And I am guilty of sins. Fornication and adultery being two of them. I no longer do those things though. I am also for forgiveness and mercy and not being violent unless your being attacked. Homosexuals are people like everyone else is my point. We are all imperfect people. Celebrating sin is what I'm against.

  12. No such thing as gay rights, human rights but not gay rights. You have no rights because you suck dicks and pack fudge. What you want are extra rights and that’s wrong.

  13. And to think this was the narrative two decades ago. Dark ages, isolation and outcasts. Coming together and coming out was the best for all. Bless those brave souls who bravely worked to improve our lot in life.

  14. The struggle seemed nearly impossible I grew up in a small rural community back in the late 60’s and 70’s. Only thing I ever heard about gay people was negative and derogatory.

  15. The media over time can convince the public to believe any thing they want. Sodamy sure sounds clean and beautiful. Our coach used to say the two most dirty parts of the body is the butt ho le and your mouth.

  16. Imagine if we could go back in time and tell the homophobic interviewers that gay marriage would one day be legal, and equality had made big strides… Oh how great it would be to have a time machine to tell them, and even more importantly to thank all LGBT who campaigned so very hard for equality, still away to go, with homophobia still being a big issue, but things have changed thanks to the very brave people who fought for they're and our rights. To all who marched and spoke, and openly came out to raise awareness, at a time where doing so was dangerous…. I say thank you from the bottom of my heart, the world is a far better place because of you ❤️????

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