22 Comments on “2020, North Korea, Gay Rights, Foreign Policy Turf War | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)”

  1. Jason Chaffetz makes $175k a year and can't afford a place to live in Washington, D.C.

    Isn't D.C. mostly black? The blacks do it!!

  2. Lol the critique him for not talking to Kim and now that he has and sorted it out he's a villain for having talked to a dictator. hahahha Jesus help me

  3. Standard liberal argument…."Fuck that guy".  Seriously, these liberals have the intellectual capacity of a 5th grader.

  4. Is it racist to say that the black guy looks like recolored white? Im no anthropologist but i was wondering if he is so tanned its basically blackface for a while…

    And can we fucking stop pretending that any country is in any way responsible for helping non-citizens of that country? Especially outside the fucking said country? Why would you waste money in helping some third world banana republic women, then turn around and bitch there isnt enough for americans? Socialism 101, help your own shit first, then if you want waste it outside. I hate this about american and most of europe's left. You have the money, you just chose to waste it. And yes, right wastes it too, and wastes it more, but dont pretend you arent just as guilty. Your funding clinics and sending food is their military operations.

    Both mostly pointless, and if we are real, they probably bring more good.

  5. Think Trump is acting strangely lately? Out of character? I think not.

    He’s the classic bully. He pushes and escalates until confronted, and then backs down. Then he plays it off in a way that makes him look good: it was only a joke, I saved the day after someone else had made a bad decision, on and on.

    Trump —Always the victim if he cannot be the champion. Disgusting pattern for Trump but there it is.

    Anyone who’s seen schoolyard bullies in action has this malevolent idiot pegged. This is frankly all he is and all he’s ever going to be. Impeach. 2020 is way too late. ????

  6. Peace in the east?

    One multi meg nuclear warhead would settle them down.

    Im not kidding.

    You bomb one more cafe and Tehran is vaporized.

    Do it again we destroy another major city.

    No half measures. No talk just calm down or we calm you down.


  7. Launch the soldiers in skid row ! Have our own military invade California ! Absolutely !! Inspiring genius idea ! That should solve all the problems – actually just kill them and save all the trouble ! Wipe out the poor people their too much of a burden ! I hear dat ! Send me to North Korea !

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