A “super pink” moon will shine in the sky tonight & it doesn’t get more visibly lesbian than that


Today, April 26, marks Lesbian Visibility Day (alternatively called Lesbian Day of Visibility) around the world.

The holiday — organized by the National Coalition for LGBT Health for the first time in 2008 — aims to celebrate, recognize, and raise the visibility of lesbians.

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Some women to come out as lesbian or as a woman who loves women in the last year include Kehlani, Niecy Nash, JoJo Siwa, Demi Lovato, Angel Olsen, Da Brat, and Rebecca Black. (Nash married a woman last year, but she has not labeled her sexuality. Siwa and Lovato have come out as pansexual since initially coming out.)

 podcast host Alex Berg marked the day with a tweet, saying, “I have to laud the amazing butch, femme, chapstick, non-binary, wherever-you-are-on-the-spectrum, all around wonderful lesbians who hold this bi+ gal up.”

Out star Hayley Kiyoko said to her fellow lesbians, “I love you and I love being a lesbian so I had to share some good news.”

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) also tweeted to mark the occasion. Companies like Netflix and Twitter, and organizations like onePULSE, Whitman-Walker, and the Victory Fund joined them.

If there weren’t enough reasons to celebrate today, plenty of good news came for lesbians today.

For example, a chihuahua, who was described as a “haunted Victorian child” who made it clear “she only wants to live with one woman” by a pet adoption agency in a viral ad, has been adopted by a lesbian, much to the internet’s praise.

They’re already getting along just fine, Ariel Davis described to TODAY.

If that wasn’t enough, tonight marks the arrival of a pink “supermoon.” Supermoons are brighter, appear bigger, and appear closer to earth than a full moon when they occur, and some report that this is the first of several supermoons this year.

This moon will be at its fullest tonight in America at 11:32 p.m. ET, according to NASA. But it’s already visible from around the world.

If that’s not nature’s way of celebrating Lesbian Visibility Day…

Here are some other ways people around the world and in the LGBTQ community are recognizing the occasion:


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