Anti-Racism Witch Trials & The Left DESTROYS America! | Ben Shapiro | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Anti-Racism Witch Trials & The Left DESTROYS America! | Ben Shapiro | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Ben Shapiro (The Daily Wire, Author of How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps) about systemic racism, the flawed …



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  1. Only the dumbing down of Americans have made all of these things happening now possible it wouldn't have been possible just 20 – 30 years ago but now with marxists socialist TRAITORS TRAINING OUR CHILDREN to follow false narratives and its shameful and those doing it should be held to account for their crimes against America…

  2. Diversity tolerance in a free system perpetuates diversity. Basically get up and start thinking right is too much for undisciplined people they would rather drag others down its much easier!!

  3. Does Ben have the facts on Corona? Obviously not since he believes what's been said about the deaths due to Corona. He thinks we should wear a mask. It's not about a virus, it's about using a virus to destroy Americans, Europe,ect.

  4. Looks like the mobs have done more for Trump's chances of winning; face it, showing is better than telling. The so-called liberals can see the writing on the wall, eventually Communists eat their own!

  5. It is a lie that Chomsky "literally supported Pol Pot's Cambodian genocide." A ridiculous, sloppy lie. Chomsky, at the time, was at work on a book called Manufacturing Consent — which you guys should really read, as its primary targets are liberal bastions like The New York Times — in which he and Edward Herman demonstrated a propaganda model that hyper-fixated upon atrocities that were strategically convenient to the interests of the U.S. (rather, certain elements of the U.S. indoctrination system, the corporate class, and the military industrial complex) and purposefully ignored atrocities that were of no use or, especially, inconvenient to those interests.

    One of their prime examples was found in the wall-to-wall coverage of the Cambodian genocide versus the utter silence of the genocide being carried out in East Timor at the same time by the U.S. darling state of Indonesia. Their point was that you could say as much as and anything you wanted in the media about the former while The New York Times and other major media categorically refused to print even a sentence about the latter. They proved this through a numerical analysis of the amount of coverage each issue received and a qualitative analysis of the content of that coverage (and it took years before there was actually some Timor coverage to which one could refer).

    To suggest that the making of this point constitutes "supporting" the genocide in Cambodia — which Chomsky and Herman always acknowledge was a terrible "bloodbath" — is such a distortion that the person who utters it should be shunned from serious political commentary forever. Ben Shapiro cannot actually believe it.

  6. I love how you only onet to act like the left is in the rong and the right are perfect angels give me a brake the right has dun more damage to are cuntry tha. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck shoomer and jo biden and Hillary Clinton combined cold evin dream of doing and baleve me thay are just as content with fuckknging us all over but the right have a extra layer of cold hartid nis and calisnis.

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