Britain’s ‘Most Prolific Rapist’ Is Jailed for Life


“He was straight in 2014,” he texted one friend of a victim, prosecutors said. “2015 is his breakthrough to the gay world hahaha.”

In another text, he said, “Take a sip of my secret poison, I’ll make you fall in love.”

But in secret, Mr. Sinaga collected the evidence that ultimately proved prosecutors’ case against him. He kept some men’s belongings as trophies, prosecutors said. He stored films of the assaults on two cellphones. He looked his victims up on Facebook afterward and tried to add them as friends.

And some agreed. One was so oblivious about what had happened that he returned with his girlfriend to Mr. Sinaga’s apartment the next day, trying to prove to her that he had only been recovering from a night out and not sleeping with another woman, British news reports said.

For the most part, prosecutors said, Mr. Sinaga stuck to a consistent pattern in his attacks. After midnight, he lingered outside clubs, waiting for mainly heterosexual young men who had been separated from their friends or kicked out by bouncers.

Preying on their various needs — their phone batteries had died, or they had run out of money for a taxi home, or they were sick from drinking — Mr. Sinaga convinced them to follow him home, where he said they could sleep on the floor or have a few more drinks.

Once there, investigators believe Mr. Sinaga was probably drugging his victims with gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, or GHB, which is sometimes used recreationally as a club drug.

At his hearing in Manchester Crown Court on Monday, Judge Suzanne Goddard said she had considered sentencing Mr. Sinaga to a life term without the possibility of parole — an unprecedented punishment for a crime other than murder — before settling on the 30-year minimum term, British news reports said.


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