25 Comments on “Can LGBTQ+ and Christians See Eye To Eye?”

  1. Y'all go check out the 1:10:50 approximately video titled "Why are you gay?" then come and watch this??????? then you will understand this comment?
    The pasta should be brought into this debate…CONFUSION OF DA HIGHEST ORDA

  2. I don’t remember god saying anything abt homosexuality in the Bible…???

    Also why do ppl hate ppl who r homosexual or bisexual or Asexual?? Their marriage has like no effect on life. Let ppl live their lives. Stop trying to control others

  3. Fact: the bible states that we have no right to judge others. So anyone who says “you will go to hell for this” is wrong and you can use this against them. Because the only judge is God. I am Christian btw so I know this as I have read the bible and I know what I’m saying. This is not biased either.

  4. In my YOUTH group full of 12-19 year olds with 30 year old leaders who are Christian their whole life we had the "is all sin equal in the eyes of god?" talk. We pulled from the bible and all came to the decisive decision that it is. Im sorry but, any sin saperates you from God, but if you let Jesus into your life, he helps you wash that away. their arguments were not very solid. It was based off how a human would feel, not how God would.

  5. I really dont like where america is heading with diversity and stuff because i feel like people are really trying too hard to make it diverse by making up like 50 genders when really there are like 10 at most and even then most of them are basically the same, but people wanna make up all these neopronouns and dye their hair for attention and to make a point but really there is no point to be made, we all should just be able to exist as who we are..

  6. I just want to say one thing…..the title says Christians but in the video it’s displayed as traditional marriage…..I don’t want to give the vibe off that ALL Christians believe that their is only one version of Marriage

  7. Christanity sees LGBT as sin & unacceptable. Anyone that say they are part of LGBT & are Christians as well saying they will go to paradise are lying to themselves? which is actually sad. ? I'm Christian that accept Christian that accept every part of the bible as well remove my own interests those who ain't true Christian instead they should chose faith that accept their sexuality like Buddhist

  8. I know this is an old video and I'm not sure if someone has brought this point up yet but.
    Whenever I here someone say things like " 'The Creator' made man & woman to be together or you shouldn't change genders cuz it goes against The Plan."
    Well what about hermaphrodites? Did The Plan make a mistake or curse them on purpose? Or maybe they won the gender lotto and get to choose.

  9. I agree that some sins are worse than others wat i mean by that is like rape prejudice judgement killing someone but i dont agree about the part when he said acting on wat we think bc we are basically lying to our selfs

  10. I think this is the best eye to eye video of Christians and lgbtq+ comunity cause there was not a fight they were just trying to understand each other point of view and they did✌?

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