42 Comments on “Chick-fil-A faces gay marriage backlash”

  1. Unless the restaurant discriminates against gay people, like actually discriminates, then there’s no point in a protest against someone’s beliefs and opinions.

  2. Gay people need to respect out people's oppinion's. Any time the CEO of a business or franchise doesn't agree with homosexuality, they want to shut them down. Gay people want people to be tolerant but they can't tolerate when people don't have there same view point. Hippocrates !!!

  3. ok first of all, God does NOT hate gay people. he may not enjoy the desires of people, but he doesn't hate them. you can be gay and go to heaven if you believe in God and love him like he loves you. he wouldn't ban people with porn addiction or people with pentagrams tattooed on there body, that's way worse than just feeling something for the same gender. its good that you feel for people, God made you the way you are. if he hated gays then why would he take the time to create them. its people like this who stand in big mobs with signs that say ahit like "God hates Gays!" or "Go back to hell where you belong!" or "Burn for your crimes as a human!" " you're an abomination!" that infuriate me. do they sound like the loving and caring christian? answer: NO! its people like that who give Christianity a bad rep!

  4. and what crime did they really and truly commit. its not against the law to have feelings. ugh it IS against the law to bash the headlights in of a man or woman's vehicle because they are gay. im gonna go punch a tree now. have a nice day guys and girls!:)

  5. Just saying, as long as chick fil a isn’t making rude or hateful comments toward other people, I think they should be able to have their own opinion. They shouldn’t be getting attacked just because of their religious beliefs. There is literally no reason to protest over someone’s opinion. Did they say they hate gays? NO. Did they threaten any gays or hurt anyone? NO. So I don’t really see the problem here

  6. This is messed up they should be allowed to believe in what they wish to people say it’s offensive when they oppose of LGBT then they get mad when the OTHER people stand up for what they believe in its pure fuckery it doesn’t matter if you believe in different things if the they’re allowed to support gay marriage the the others should be allowed to support what they wish to

    Edit: gay people are Hypocrites and I fucking hate it

  7. The fact that people have views and some homos think that they can’t have that view, now means that they are rude and disrespectful. I hate the fact that when I went on the news today, I saw some gay man wearing a bikini. It’s not right. There are 2 genders and those genders are supposed to be together like this… Man and Women, not man and man not women and women. It makes disgusted by the fact how when I make a comment, even though I am allowed to by the constitution. People still argue with me and say that I should be punished. Fuck that Fuck Homo, fuck what everything has come to. It’s just pathetic

  8. Chick-fli ?for standing up for what you believe. LGBT communities are so powerful, you and ur business must have suffered but at the end I have never ever seen a fast food restaurant with so many people everyday at least here in Seattle WA area, that my friend is God’s blissing!!!

  9. The sandwhich isn't all that anyway. Over-priced and bland. If you saw the inside of the chicken processing plant their product comes from you'd puke!

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