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  1. Wow!!! Nice! 🙂 keep up the good work. I notice you have quite a few ignorant peeps in your comments section". Does that make me an "ignorantaphobe"??! lol Well, I yam what I yam!! Watch… that will be the next movement!! lol

  2. "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." -Ben Franklin.

    "I'm not racist, I just think that I, as a white person, understand better than black people how racism isn't really a problem anymore."
    "I'm not homophobic, I just think that I know better than gay people that they chose to be gay."

    "I'm not racist, I just think that black people are to blame for black-on-black violence."
    "It's not that I'm homophobic, but I mean, they are kind of responsible for AIDS."

    "I'm not racist, I just think marriage is the traditional union of two people of the same race. Everyone can still get married…to their own kind."
    "I'm not homophobic, I just believe in traditional straight marriage. If gay people want to get married, they can find a person of the opposite gender and get married."

    "Doctor King, we really sympathize with your plight, it's just that, well, aren't things all moving a little fast? Maybe we should slow up a bit. Stop making people feel so uncomfortable."
    "Don't we have something better to do than talk about all this gay marriage stuff?"

    And then there's this:

    You might look at all that and say, "hey, gay people, stop comparing your struggle to ours." I say, "Our experiences are different, but it's because people of color and women have worked so hard for so long that my struggle as a gay person is easier because I'm standing on the shoulders of giants. Your dismissal of my cause does not undermine my gratitude to yours."

  3. The Role Of The Nubian Man Is Being Strategically Engineered. Their Are Alot Of Single Parent Fathers Who Take Pride In Being A Single Parent, Because The So Call Black Woman Is Absent From The House Hold, But Most Do Not Know That There Is A System In Place To Keep This Countinously Happen. There Is A Huge Gap Between The Roles Of The So Call Black Man & Woman In This Society. The So Call Black Man Is The #2 Demographic In College, Which Means Higher Salary More Job Opportunities And The Black Woman Is The #1 Demographic In Prison Of Her Mind Set This Is Strategically Being Done, Because The Greatest Threat To “Racism Pale Skin Supremacy” Is The Nubian Man!. When You Remove The Presence Of The Nubian Man From The Home The Structure Of The Nubian Family Is Broken And The Woman Of Color Has To Become The Mother/ Never Father, Which Means She Has To Create Testosterone That She Never Can Do Right (Male Hormones) To Raise Her Family, Especially Her Sons That Never Works With Her By Her Self. So When It's Time For Her To Be In A Relationship She Will Have Issues, Because She Has Become So Independent And Developed A Mentality Of "Not Needing A Man For Anything" That She Won't Allow A Man To Be "The Man " In The Relationship. This Being Strategically Done. Not All So Call So Call Black Woman Are Strong Black Woman U Have Not Been The Back-Bone Of The Nubian Family Since Slavery To Modern Times, But As Long As The Black Family Is Broken We Will Countinously Suffer As A People To The Hands Of “Racism Pale Skin Supremacy

  4. I find your ignorance quite astounding. One–homosexuality is biological and happens in the womb as does transgender. Sexuality and gender is developed when the brain and the body are developing in the womb.First, you have to understand what civil rights is and why and who this for. Civil rights is the rights the of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. Understanding this now, we can go into why civil rights are relatable between blacks and gays.BOTH have been murdered for just being what they were born to be.BOTH have lost jobs or didn't get jobs they were rightfully qualified for.BOTH have gotten bullied or harassed daily. BOTH have been denied living quarters based upon how they were born.BOTH have been denied service from businesses.BOTH have been victims of hate crimes.( property damage, etc.)BOTH have been horribly abused by the police system.GAYS have been denied to marry their loved ones.GAYS have been denied to visit loved ones in the hospital.GAYS have been denied to tax privileges.GAYS have been denied church access and religious belief practices.BLACKS have been ordered specific bathroom use only.BLACKS have been forced to use only certain areas of transportation.BLACKS ordered specific limited public access such as water fountains, etc. I am sure there is more, but I am so upset that people just do not get it, I cannot remember the others. So, look at this list and you tell me both civil rights are not connected?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this helps you discover the facts and truth of the matter. Good day.

  5. sick black chick who has to resort to selling out her own race for attention from racists and bigots. get a morality check. ur a disgrace to your race. and by the way, rights are rights for all americans. you cannot by law discriminate based on sex, race, religion, etc. Blacks are a race, gays are either male or female. that's a sex, dummy. Equal protection under the law. It's not that complicated unless you're trying to pander to racists and bigots for attention and feeding their sickness. go get help

  6. "Believe in homosexuality"?… What?… Gays and lesbians have existed since the dawn of time… Do you also not "Believe in trees"?… Rocks?… Get over your selfish self.

  7. If you are going to call something fighting for equal rights, wouldnt it make sense if you wanted equal rights? or am i just crazy now…

  8. Homosexuality happens the same way hermaphrodites and did you know that 1 in 1500 American are hermaphrodites, both happen in the 3rd trimester when the mother is under undue amounts of stress releasing an uneven amount of hormones in to the womb Oh an the number one pedophile is father on daughter and the highest ration in race is black

  9. Just one thing I ask why is there 1 in 1500 hermaphrodites in America so if one is born with two genders what else can happen in the womb . They used to cut the penis off if it had both and then later they discovered the hermaphrodite was more of a male and ends up committing suicide that is when the laws changed, Did you know that Aunt Jamima ?

  10. Though I disagree with you on the homosexuality thing, it is biological and not a choice or a "learned behavior", this has been debunked various times, I see where you are coming from. Marriage was meant for men and women, sure, and it was meant to be a foundation for having kids. I do agree that black issues and LGBT issues are completely separate, not because "gay is a choice and black isn't", but because, in most cases, you can look at a person and see they're black, whereas you can't look at someone and know they're gay. You can assume, sure. That said, if we're just going to go by what the bible said, please note that the bible has been changed and rewritten many times. At one point, eating pork was looked down upon, and wearing mixed fabrics was an "abomination", cruel punishment was totally okay and so on. Times change, homosexuality isn't hurting anyone. If you don't like homosexuality, just be with the opposite sex and let everyone else do what they want in their private time. There's things I disagree with, even find disgusting, but it doesn't affect me or the general public, so I don't worry about it. After all, if people want to lick booty or piss on each other during sex, hey, it isn't for me, but have at it. Doesn't affect me.

  11. Hi Patty! I just discovered your channel and I 100% agree with what you're saying. My mom personally does not like the idea of gay marriage and she is attacked all the time for her beliefs and is called bigot when she never in her life hurt anyone.

  12. identity politics another tentacle of the socialists lgbt and feminism is communism they dont care about rights of others only their stupid selves

  13. What gets me confused about Christian Republicans is that there seems to be no respect for the individual as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. I have understood my individual freedoms as coming from God and that it protects me from the efforts of groups to deny me toughs freedoms. Groups that would vote their religion thus using government to oppress others.

  14. No one is mad at her she can think how ever she wants … it's counter productive to say the least ….
    She is in no place of power nor does she know she is a bigot .

    The last thing we as black people need to be doing is downplaying another group or minorities struggle or fight …. just so we can make black issues the only issue we need to be focused on .

    No racism is not over …

    And does she actually know any gay people ? If you can turn it on and off or hide your sexual orientation so easily ….I don't think we would need to be fighting for their rights . You are spreading ignorance being as though you have no real knowledge to back what your saying …

    So because Dr king said Homosexuality is a learned behavior … back in the 60's … during the same time that you and I couldn't drink from a white water fountain . The same time that we were being killed in the streets … you can't be for one group ..but against another .

    How about you watch videos …of LGBT people in UGANDA , JAMAICA , ISLAM …



  15. As a gay man, this is 100% accurate. If anyone wants to compare two dudes not being able to put rings on their fingers to people who were ENSLAVED and taken advantage of for so long in society then all I have to say is they are completely retarded. The whole 'if you don't believe in gay marriage you are a homophobe' argument pisses me off so much because you simply stating that you do not want to people to get married because of whatever reason doesn't mean you hate them you just disagree with it.

  16. Agendas and movements are being attached to the Black struggle. Just like they were used for labour they are being used as pawns to promote other interestes. Black people are being used and taken advantage off again! People haver every right to do and live how they want with out persucution. You dont have to believe in homosexuality and gay marriage. Do they have a right to live in society peacefully yes but to endorse or accept it or infringe on others rights like heterosexual marriage is wrong, ecspeccialy when it is the majority.

  17. Girl you believe how you want to believe my cousins black I have black friends I'm gay no one cares how about you wake up and relize we don't have to compar anymore just argree that we should all be equal endless you are asking for a war in America and I'm sure gay people would not hesitate to go back to the stonewall to fix the problem of bigots I'm pro everhing end of story no one should care about any1 but themselves I agree with you but also agree with everyone else that blacks should be equal Mexicans should be equal and type of minority should be equal don't listen to any1 trying to attack you but I'm saying this kindly you should reconsider the fact the we should all get along and not fight anymore.

  18. The fact that gay civil rights and black civil rights are different is pretty obvious. But the intention of most people in drawing parallels between the two struggles is also pretty obvious: it's to show that prejudice and institutional discrimination is wrong on many levels of human existence and it also serves to incite at least some empathy from racial minorities in relation to the institutional oppression of LGBT people throughout the world. Until the 1960s, it was literally illegal to have a same-sex romance with someone and in many countries around the world, it's still illegal and it still has serious legal and life-threatening consequences. With that said, what bothers me is seeing people whine about how simply making that comparison is somehow detrimental to the black struggle or that it somehow reduces racial civil rights. It just shows a complete lack of empathy and self-absorption.

  19. Exactly. Black people aren't thrown out of their parents' homes because they are black. Evangelicals don't kick black people out of their church because they are black. Gay people don't get to achieve lower scores to be firefighters or enter college. Gay people want to stop torture and murder of gays in other countries. Black people want to focus on some Europeans (Ignoring the Underground Railroad and abolitionists) having slavery until 1865 without helping stop slavery in Africa that's going on at this moment. Gay people should not be considered the same as straight African-Americans. We agree on that. You are not going to turn me away from God, Satan. It's between me and Him, asshole, and you shouldn't bear false witness.

  20. What this is really about is a group of RACIST WHITES ie WHITE GAYS want to use BLACK PEOPLE to push an agenda that has nothing to do with us. White Homosexuals are apart of the same GROUP/RACE that colonized America…These "RIGHTS" are just some shit White people write on paper that they know they will break. Why wasnt this gay bullshit compared to the Holocaust?

  21. Watching this now because my homegirl and i are debating this. Her stance is that by us not supporting the lgbt struggle, that we marginalize and oppress our own who are apart of that community. I see the logic but that’s also not the case

  22. You can not compare the two! One movement suffered murder by lynching and beat without justification or justice period. No lgbtq individual was castrated for walking in a straight bar. Listen it's an insult to all those murdered and beaten or rapped for the color of their skin and those persecuted for their life choices. The persecutions of both can not be equally compared! It's ludicrous to think both movements faced the same discrimination!!!

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