38 Comments on “Dan Savage on Progressing Public Thought on Gay Marriage”

  1. If you are too dumb to understand the difference. It takes a scientist to invent the technology required for you to post onto youtube. It doesn't take a religious nut to invent a language.

    Even if english was never created, we would simply be using another language.

    Whereas without science, your ability to express yourself in this online environment would be literally impossible.

    Understand yet kid?

  2. @sylmarmusic2012~`Gaystapo`, thats clever. So having just read all this back and forth tirade here`s the simple reality: either god is real, or we are, but not both. One of us is only a simulation created by the other and therefor not to be taken seriously. Take your pick which one you think it is. In any case, why exactly do you care at all what other people do? It does`nt affect you in any way. I`m not ranting at you just asking a literal honest question.

  3. Anything that breathes, reproduces sexually and is aware of its environment is an animal. If anything here degrades humanity, its your myths.

    "No other life form possesses the kind of free will and intelligence man does" You dont know that, there could be species that dont interact with us socially the same way we dont negotiate with chimps.

    If your god is so insipid that some humans your god made are left out because they dont fit into sexual/gender binaries, your god is too small for me.

  4. He's an atheist bigot. Bigotry applies wherever a person shows hostile intolerance for others and this bozo is a good example. In fact, this hatred for religion is no different than the hate of white racists for blacks. They accused them of being evil, dangerous, corrupt etc. It's all just prejudice.

  5. 1. Anything that is an animal and acts, by definition, acts like an animal. You fail.

    2. I reject human superiority,but I embrace human progress and human compassion, that ancient book you cling to commands the deaths of any who dont march in lockstep with its archon's ideals. Clearly the warmongering ancient desert war god rejects both of those things.

    3. You embrace ancient dogmas over the knowledge that got humanity out of caves, but if you prefer whispering into an empty sky, go for it.

  6. 1. That makes no sense. 2. Of course you reject human superiority if you consider yourself an animal. And since you live like one, I must agree with you. 3. Science did not get men out of caves, the intelligence God gave them did.

  7. 1. Lets try this again; Humans are multicellular organisms, that is the definition of an animal. Something cant act like anything it isnt, therefore an animal acting like an animal is a stacked statement.

    2. You dont have to reject human superiority to acknowledge the physical FACT that humans are animals, I reject it because its scientifically wrong.

    3. You havent proved your preferred myths are real, and humans lived in caves for 100k+ years. If you're right, god royally fucked up his plans.

  8. "Science did not get men out of caves, the intelligence God gave them did. "

    Bullshit. Name a single religious text that accurately describes the source of disease, name one that explains mechanics to support human life, name one that has expanded human knowledge in any way beyond philosophical trites long since figured out.

    I'll save you the trouble: There are none. You insult the very people who's creativity and mental prowess made it possible to leave insipid comments here. Fuck your myths.

  9. 1.Animals have no souls so they cannot be compared entirely to man. Animals lack free will and reason. 2. "Humans lived in caves for 100k years" that is mere guesswork. But even though, what did you expect from cavemen, computers and freeways?!

  10. I am very curious…which hospital in Florida refused to allow access? I will make sure and not support that hospital. Orlando as of 2011 now has a domestic partner registry…which should allow access to partners. However, keep in mind its stops at the border of Orlando. Does anyone know if religious organizations, like Florida Hospital being a Seventh Day Adventist Institution, allows full access to gay couples?

  11. -cough- you say its a problem with morals and go off explaining that its simply nasty in your opinion, and that you're just grossed out by it as opposed to it affecting your rights and forcing you into something that you don't want, no one's forcing you to kiss men and take it in the butt but we're not going to cater to your opinion just because you're grossed out.

    for instance, i think makeup is disgusting, but its not the job of the law to cater to my opinion and ban all makeup products.

  12. But back to this clip, what a sharp dude! Funny but pinpoint accurate, I loved it. The American culture has created infinite positive memories for me in terms of music, film, fashion, etc; but politics and religious fanaticism are the opposing element. Shame on the US for being one of the last

  13. Has this self serving pretentious conceited queen ever went to an Islamic Nation and shot his mouth off about Islam amd spoke about the lack of women's rights and gay rights there? Has he ever spoke in a Christian black Church and shot his mouth off? Notice liberals only attack whites? Funny to listen to sliberal atheist socialists act like the only nation that doesn't have official gay marriage is Amercia. Most EU Nations don't have official gay marriage. When did Italy have gay marriage?

  14. Australia does not have official gay marriage. Did you know gays are married in the U.S. officially? My friends in Massachusetts are married who are gay and it's recognized by the state. We have states in the U.S. wirth gay marriage. Gays have more rights in the U.S. than any other country in the world. U.S. has the most # of gay millionaire and billionaires in the world.

  15. 1. Animals have souls why the fuck do you think they don't. 2. They have free will and can reason only something unfamiliar is hard to reason with. + Its hard reason with something that doesn't understand you. And 3 god did not get mankind out of caves nor did science it was simply nature that compelled them to come out of the caves. Simply a natural curiousity of the unknown.

  16. These kinds of stories just make me cry on the inside…I find it..just…why??
    Why hate someone you don't know so much? I can't understand it!
    I identify myself as an atheist yet i've been raised with christian values. Not the fake shitty values all those cults in the US have,real christian values and that's love thy neighbor.Period.You know who goes to your freakinng fairytale land of fire called hell?
    Those who don't love their fucking neighbors !!!Those people who aren't complete cunts 24/7!

  17. Refusal to face facts proves nothing except that a person is closed minded. It is a fact that many people have testified to having out of body experiences. They have proven it by relating things heard (said) and seen which they could not in any way know or see while lying unconscious on a bed. This shows the soul does indeed exist outside the physical body. To say that all these people are lying or suffering from hallucination is simply a violation of reason.

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