49 Comments on “Delhi Pride March 2017: Activists & allies take to streets for LGBTQ rights”

  1. Government should stop their bullshit rn and start focusing on the LGBT community, and provide them their rights, at least they are taking some steps for making India modern and develop.

  2. In a very rare scenario Supreme Court recognized it's mistake and many supreme court judges are now speaking for LGBTQ+ rights. It is unprecedented and we should just keep fighting and make ourselves visible as much as possible. Politicians will always keep ignoring us because they don't care about human rights, they only care for voted but judiciary and society will be on our side.

  3. These souls are very kind hearted. I also support these people. They have every right to live their own life of their own accord. Government has no right to interfere in their lives. On one hand Government says this is democratic country and at the same time you prevent these people to live their life as per their choice. How funny. So people of this LGBT COMMUNITY are more happy in other states except some countries.

  4. যদি তুমাৰ দুটা গুটি আছে তুমি নিজকে পুৰুষ বুলি ভাবিবা…
    আৰু যদি তুমাৰ চাৰিটা গুটি আছে তুমি নিজকে মহাপুৰুষ বুলি নাভাবিবা ।
    মাথো ভাবিবা তুমাক কোনোবাই কটি মাৰি আছে ….

    জাগো ভাই জাগো
    Gay ৰ পৰা নিজৰ বেক লাইট বচাওক
    (জনহিতাথে' প্ৰচাৰিত )

  5. All these shits should be imported to an isolated Island ..then their generation will disappear without the involvement of the Male and female .

  6. Bhen kae lodae kam sankhya mae hae gay bhosdike sabko gay banana chahta hae taki society tujhe accept karle salo lodo sae nahi chut sae pyar karo kyunki bacha vahi sae hoga aur yae gay log loda daltae kaha hae muh mae ya gand mae jaha itnahe kya milega sirf lund mae chipki tati yuk

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