25 Comments on “Democratic Debate: Tulsi Gabbard Explains Previous Stances on Gay Rights”

  1. democrats are about to lose this election by pushing their satanic LGBT – they just don't get it yet -society is not interested in supporting this pedophilia sex group that forces themselves on young children.

  2. Its so obvious that the oil & INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX have taken by any means to discredit Tulsi gabbared who in my eyes should be presiddnt the first lady like margret Thatcher…!!! EXCEPT Tulsi will immediately withdrawn all arms and pit back the TRILLION TRILLION dollars bavkinto this COUNTRY .
    Then she needs to adress the sedret society Illuminati snd root out there cronies and have them removed from POWER…..

  3. Just to remind everyone who thinks Tulsi doesn't have a chance. The Democrats didn't want Trump in the oval office either and look what happened. They are Not Invincible. To quote a great movie. People should not be afraid of their governments Governments should be afraid of their people. And to anyone looking to smear Tulsi in the media just know that she has a lot of public support and We will make it out responsibility to keep the facts straight. Inform Not Influence.

  4. ''Do you swear to always support everything a relatively small segment of the population asks for, in good times, bad times, until you are no longer alive?'' That is now the gold standard of decency.
    Apart from the mandatory genuflexion before the LGBT crowd and climate change hoax, I find her eloquent and refreshing. At some point I was petrified that she was going to leave out the ''Q'' in LGBTQ, but thankfully she did not. But that was a close call.

  5. Lying warmongering profiteering genocidal zionist media out of usa. The same tribe who repeated the wmd lies fabricated by the cia despite all being proven fabricated shortly after being presented as justification for an iraq invasion and endless war. No more wars for zionist israel. Zionism is war and refugees. Killing your neighbors and stealing their land is a crime.

  6. Her past comments have been highly homophobic. She is a religious person whom I believe holds the same views she did in the past. She may believe that government interference in the lives of citizens is wrong and that indeed they have no right to interfere in same sex unions but she still thinks gays are icky and will probably burn in hell. She is no more an ally to lgbt people than Clinton was. That does not mean she’s all bad by any means, I just don’t believe she truly cares about us.

  7. Hopefully the DNC & left wing media don’t snowball her like they did Bernie. Unlike all the other democrat candidates, she actually has a good shot of beating trump. This is a candidate all of America can get behind.

  8. "Why should democratic voters trust senator Warren despite being Republican until her late 40's?"

    That's what she should have say at the end of her answer.

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