20 Comments on “Ellen on Obama's Gay Marriage Stance”

  1. Whot sort of sheeple watch this shit, Is that a tail ot no tail you tell me Im UK.  WAKE UP YOU FUCKERS YOUIR ALL GOING TO DIE !! YOUR KIDS WELL THE BOO`S WILL PLAY WITH THEM ,you let them down for a show like this SHIT !!.

  2. Delusional! Your homosexual and want to worship a god that despises homosexuality? Did you fall on your head? You can choose to believe in god, and ignore his words? He calls homosexuality an abomination. And you feel you have a right to say ppl fear you? Phobia means fear. God said the only one to fear should be him. So i guess you go clap your hands, sing songs, "worship", and then complain that god isnt who you thought? When a pastor preaches to the church gods word, he should omit the parts you dont want to obey? Homophobia was made up by homosexuals calling other homosexuals fearful because of the aids crisis. A true fact. How others getting that label is beyond me.

  3. Ellen you have made a career out of being gay…it is really not the only thing you are is it? if so you are so sad..

  4. Me personally speaking on this topic and my religious beliefs are that GOD CREATED MAN TO BE WITH WOMAN…GOD CREATED. ADAM AND EVE..NOT ADAM AND STEVE….

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