Elliot Page Asks Followers to Urge Tenn. Gov to Veto Anti-Trans Bills


Elliot Page continues to use his spotlight to advocate for transgender kids.

The Oscar-nominated actor is now turning their attention to Tennessee, and urging fans to contact the state’s Republican governor, Bill Lee, and ask him to veto three anti-trans bills currently sitting on his desk.

“Call or email @GovBillLee and tell him that trans people who live in Tennessee deserve equality and access to healthcare and public accommodations just like any other citizen,” Page tweeted to his nearly 2 million followers Wednesday. “Ask him to veto these bills.”

Page also included a link to the Tennessee Equality Project, which seeks to make sure these bills don’t become law.

There are three anti-trans bills being considered in the state: HB 1233, HB 1182, and SB 126. HB 1233 is a “bathroom bill,” which would ban trans students from using the school bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identities and make it a cause for a lawsuit if a cisgender student encounters a trans one in a multi-user facility. HB 1182 also affects bathrooms; it would require businesses and facilities that allow trans people to use their preferred restrooms to post a sign that reads, “This facility maintains a policy of allowing the use of restrooms by either biological sex, regardless of the designation on the restroom.”

SB 126 is perhaps the most dangerous of the bills. It would bar doctors from prescribing trans youth hormone treatment or puberty blockers, which is considered lifesaving medical care by most health professionals.

The three bills in Tennessee are a part of a major national move by the GOP and right-wing groups to attack the rights of transgender Americans and specifically trans youth. 

This is far from the first time Page has spoken out about trans issues since coming out last year. He regularly posts news updates and links with information on how to help the community on his social media accounts. In a recent interview with Oprah, he expanded on what anti-trans bills mean for real-life trans people. “If you are going to do this, and if you are also not going to allow trans kids to play sports, children will die,” they said. “And it really is that simple.”


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