24 Comments on “Epic Wedding at Villa Vizcaya in Miami”

  1. God created Adam and Eve, He didn't create Adam and Archie. If He had created Adam and Archie these two would never have existed, as Adam and Archie could not have reproduced as God commanded Adam and Eve. Marriage is supposed to be a Sacrament and this certainly is not. It's and abomination against God's laws. If one wants to know what God may think of this. Pull up SODOM AND GOMORRAH in the bible! You people commenting on this and praising it must be from the LGBTQ crowd. Quit trying to cram this lifestyle down everyone's throat!

  2. Please update the title of the video and remove "Gay" from it… Help normalize by just saying "epic wedding at villa vizcaya in miami". It doesn't say straight wedding on the other ones.

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