“Everybody Pees”: Trans Woman Needs Bathroom on “What Would You Do?”


What would you do if you saw someone discriminate against a transgender person who just wanted to use the restroom corresponding with their gender identity?

On Friday’s episode of ABC’s What Would You Do?, unsuspecting diners reacted to an actor posing as a concerned mother who loudly harassed a trans customer (trans actor Nadia Hunter) looking for the ladies’ room.

The scenario was inspired by responses to anti-transgender legislation like so-called “bathroom bills” that aim to restrict the accessibility of public restrooms based on gender assigned at birth.

“I’m a Christian, so, like, I have certain beliefs,” one young bystander told the mother after personally escorting the trans patron to the restroom. “You just got to love people the way you’re supposed to love people.”

“But she’s transgender,” the disgusted mom argued, asking what message that sends to her daughter.

“Everybody pees?” the young woman calmly replied. “And that’s really it. Everybody has to use the bathroom.”

One onlooker suggested a private restroom as a solution to the conflict. “Thank Obama,” quipped another. “I think Obama is the one that created that problem.”

Trans activist Jazz Jennings, the episode’s special guest, also stepped in to play a friend of the mistreated diner.

“Just seeing you guys stick up for this woman over here was so incredible to me,” the I Am Jazz star told a group of supportive men. “It really just restored my faith in humanity. Because not everyone had the same reaction as you guys. Thank you for accepting and appreciating people for who they are.”

Last week’s season premiere of WWYD featured a scenario in which a rude waiter lost his patience with a patron played by deaf model and activist Nyle DiMarco.

Watch the new WWYD clips below.

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