23 Comments on “FACTS, LOGIC, & MATT WALSH: Gay "marriage" by definition can’t be the same as marriage”

  1. So what does this guy call the union of heterosexuals who cannot have children? According his "logic", they shouldn't be allowed to call it marriage because he thinks the potential to reproduce is a pre-requisite.

  2. Many believe that it's predominantly vanity that motivates some people to reproduce – they want to create another version of themselves. Others believe that having children will prevent their partner from leaving them. Either way, reproduction can be based on a very selfish motivation. But a same-sex relationship is different as they cannot reproduce with each other – it's just two people who love each other and who want to be together, despite the fact that society has been telling them that it's wrong for their entire lives. So that means a same-sex relationship actually has the potential to be more deeply felt and authentic than a relationship based on the ability to reproduce. Maybe this guy should have thought about it a bit longer before he claimed moral superiority!

  3. If marriage is strong, family is strong, society is strong ——————————> and there's no need for strong government

    THAT is why this has been pushed for

  4. This is a good example of the problem with American politics, only two sides, each side claims a side of every issue and it's all or nothing. If you agreed with Ben Shapiro with his views on Gender, economics, race but you also wanted abortion available to those that choose it and equal marriage. Then you are fucked, neither party will take you.

  5. Marriage is a religious word — meaning the bonding of a man and a woman.
    Gays can not be married. They can have a union but not a marriage.

  6. I personally think marriage is a union between two individuals who commit to spending the rest of their lives together. Marriage isn't just for people to procreate. What about couples who can't have children. Just my thoughts.

  7. That's pretty dumb reasoning. If you have a sterile man who marries a sterile woman does that mean that their marriage is any less than any other marriage because they can't reproduce?

  8. Marriage is not required to create people though Matt. So why is that even an argument. You would also still advocate for heterosexual marriage if the wife was unable to have kids. The truth is you are against same sex marriage because you morally disagree with it because of your religion.

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