35 Comments on “First anti gay marriage ad airs in Australia – Julie Bishop blames Labor -Today Show- #auspol #vote”

  1. This is stupid I see no reason to judge people or label people in anyway, as a demonic entity not of this world I see these people who judge others because of who they love but why? There love life doesn’t concern our at all

  2. To all LGBTIQ people living in Australia. I'm sorry, as an Australian heterosexual I feel that it should never been my right to vote on the validity of your relationship/marriage nor should you have ever been treated like lesser beings for it by a vote on whether you're treated like human beings with equal rights or not. I hope Wednesday you all get the rights you have deserved all along. I voted 'Yes' because my non involvement in the postal vote would have supported 'No'. I acknowledge that your relationships validity/recogition should not be dependent on any heterosexuals postal opinion, including my own and hopefully Wednesday this is the last time such an invasive vote happens as it is you, equal human beings, who have suffered all this time with such invasion of your basic rights to privacy and respect as a human being.

    This ad is beyond ridiculous with not even a tangible/intelligent 'argument'.


  4. In light of the resounding YES vote, I wonder if the nutters behind this ad will now take time to reflect on the foolishness of spreading lies and misinformation. It really doesn't play well to sensible people.

  5. some people just disagree. People can disagree and if they don't want gay marriage they can voice that. wtv the reasoning they are concerned for their childs safety. Their is nothing hateful about this.

  6. Children are being influenced externally, without the parents consent. STOP confusing the children, parents need to be aware that your child is pretty much considered state property!! Do you not understand?? Do you trust doctors? Why? Do you trust vaccinations? Why? Your children are in the hands of a leftist agenda!! STOP confusing the kids!! I am watching, the rabbit hole runs deep. The education system IS hijacking your childs thought patterns… STOP fucking with the kids!! You have been warned… Many of us are sitting, waiting, watching, well understanding so much you will never give us credit for. We are the resistance, you will see… Burn Hollywood' burn! Oh, and you can't deny genetics, you're a man or woman! You don't get to choose!!!

  7. i know this is "old" now but i say no because of reasons. i could sit here and make jokes about gays and how they dont make sense, or i could tell you i got hate. I'm coming out and saying it i hate most everyone including myself sometimes but i cannot stand you people letting these attention getters GET ATTENTION. i'm not gonna write a full page but if you wanna argue just reply. unless you're gay or get offended and report this comment saying "He's a homophobe", which i think i am cause i don't like dick and i dont like flamboyant types. so come hell or high water do what you do. ?

  8. Karl Stefanovic what on earth is wrong with the ad? The ad is accurate cos you don't like people to be influenced by the truth cos you are a leftist devil

  9. A child needs a Mother and father not a gay Mum and Gay Mum..or worse a gay dad and a gay dad…that is just sick..Marriage is about responsiblity for children and living a good Christian life..if you dont care about children or living a Christian life then dont get married…Gays should stop trying to "educate" children in gay lifestyles. Just another attack on traditional families so leftists can say oh the birth rate has dropped..wonder why? Oh I know lets increase immigration of people from third world countries that will fix it….why? because they dont like gay lifestyles either…

  10. I don't care about the marriage …. but there needs to be a law that would prohibit gay and lesbian propaganda to minors … kids and anyone under the age of 18.

  11. And when people are given this divergence to be what they "choose", when they are dead and buried their DNA will still be the same as at their birth, great advert!

  12. Transgenders , men dressed as women , pretending to be a woman., competing etc etc.?…. I say no to this behaviour. It is wrong !

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