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  1. When he was taking about psychology did he say 'Bever' or 'Weber', because I know Weber is a quite prominent sociologist, but I wasn't familiar if he was within the field of psychology or of any other psychologist called Bever

  2. Good to see the ABC employed the same tactics to misrepesent and strawman back then as they do today. DEFUND THE LIES, DEFUND THE ABC

  3. Today…. lifes goes on and no body really cares about gays….. they don't produce new tax payers nor "bumb wipers" for their elderly years….. they are largely a consumptive crowd that have extra money and can afford to live in the inner city and vote far left…. while real producers like women actually have babies and are actually poorer for doing so.

  4. And here come the Anti-gays. That 0.01% of the population who care what other people that they don't know are attracted to.

  5. “I think that everyone is inherently bisexual”…no evidence for this cited, but if one were to accept that statement to be true then it certainly makes homosexuality less “threatening” (to use their term). In other words, it is a Trojan horse strategy.

    Still, a very interesting and civil discussion. I wish our public discourse today was as civil.

  6. everywhere you look today the homosexual agenda is plastered everywhere promoted , I am sick of it. It is not normal it is repugnant unnatural out of sync with natural and spiritual values

  7. Matters not whether you're gay or anti gay, the FACTS are this, and by the way, it's been settled by the best scientific minds on the planet.

    "There is no "gay gene" — so homosexuality is not biologically based. The only human genders are male (if you inherited a "Y" chromosome from your father), and female (if you did not inherit a "Y" chromosome from him) — so homosexuality is not a new "gender." Not being born "gay" means this is not a "civil rights" issue. People inherit unchangeable characteristics like their race and ethnicity, but homosexuality is not inherited. Science and biology confirm this, and thousands of former "gays and lesbians" who have changed their behavior also prove this fact. Therefore, homosexuality is not a civil right for marriage or anything else."

    I am in total agreement with this above statement, being a Federal-Postal-Judge, I can agree it is the ONLY true answer to this whole mess.

  8. It is really fascinating the way they all handle the topic, to see the beliefs and values of the 70s and Altman is incredibly brave

  9. Dennis Altman Highlights the Talent that is, was Amongst the LGBT. Certainly his opposition to Violence this Long ago is Highly Admirable. It Remains a Fact that Society can't Prevent LGBT behaviour. Equally though the Problems of the LGBT Lifestyle as well as Problems of Tradition Lifestyles are Very Different and Neither the Minority LGBT or Mainstream can be Ignored. Interestingly the Problems of the LGBT are more Obvious Now and Responsibility for both sets of Problems Must be Explained by Their Leaders. Hence Stay Tuned. Gutsy Effort by Altman though.

  10. He immediately points out that there are also female homosexuals. But, fails to mention that this is primarily because it is the male homosexual that is always attacked, and is seen as the major threat. Sodomy is associated with men, and people have a major problem with penises, and what men do with them.

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