16 Comments on “Gay rights in France: After marriage equality, what's next?”

  1. I am so tired of the homosexual agenda. The powers that be are very powerful to have the LGBT be the norm in less than 50 years. That is simply astonishing. Western civilization better get its act together, fast.

  2. White people are the one to blame for creating this movement and feminism. The LGBT was created by gay white people. Magnus Hirschfeld in 1800's made the first organization for lgbt ever. Harry Hay and Steven Donaldson would follow later with the activism (All white). The first gay parades were created and marched for gay white people. Yes later other ethnicity's came in, but from the start it was made by and for gay white people. The Gay rainbow flag was designed and made by a gay white man. The GLAAD organization was founded or atleast is now run by gay white people. The extreme grooming we now do to our self is influenced by the white gay superficiality's. From the over plucking of the eye brows to the feminine hair styles on men. For instance the comb over "hair style" some of us have. When you think of comb overs you think of white balding men (Donald Trump) and what else do you think of when you think of comb overs? Pedophiles. White pedophiles have comb overs. Even now with the Charlotte racism alot of the gay white LGBT is supporting the supremacy. Ive seen a video of this. I mean even the APA is now controlled by white gay men and woman. So you decide whos to blame for false movement this.

  3. Why can’t some people understand there’re people in this world who are different in some sense from them? LGBT people won’t force you to be homosexual, and they don’t have any intentions to change your life. But you use your own, individual belief to force them to change, that’s cruel and unfair. Please, have some awareness of this.

  4. Next step is obviously widening the equality across all the classes and fields of society. Exempli gratia LGBT+ in Finland, often mistaken for an equal country, are equal in paper but not indeed in practice. Workplace discrimination is widespread and even highly educated LGBT+ people are forced unemployed or are in sub-par workplaces. Hiring practises are also brutally horrible for the LGBT+. Most recruiters announce straight up, pun intended, that they are not even considering hiring gays, let alone LGBT+. And this is in Finland. Imagine how bad the situation is globally or in France then.

    When we still have women widely underappreciated in the workforce, adding gays to this, then it is fair to say that most prosperity and succes never happened, and it will continue never to happen.

    It is a shame for France, and it is money down the drain.

  5. With all these countries allowing homosexuals to get married we definitely are in the end times of the world. Jesus said the world will get just as wicked as in the days of Noah. Homosexual marriage is part of that wickedness.

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