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  1. I did not understand why you showed Spain. This country has no influence here, specially in Brazil. The gay marriage in South America has nothing to do with spanish legalization in 2005.
    And being LGBT was not a crime in Brazil since 1830.

  2. buuuuuuuullshit. Homosexuality has NEVER been a crime in brazil. And wtf does spain have to do with the legalization of the same sex mariage here? Spain's influence in brazil is the same influence of madagascar in britain, 0. Make a better research next time

  3. I'm from Peru and it makes me really sad the fact that 65% of peruvians are against same sex marriage. It's going to take a long time to change this.

  4. I find it strange that most of the countries with higher native population is against it, many indigenous groups across all over the Americas actually had a lot of love and respect for the LGBT people

  5. Left wing only use us to try and look like they are fighting for our rights but in reality once they reach power, they enslave the people, criminalize the opposition, take away private property, accumulate all the wealth for the few in power, deal with criminal like drug cartels and organized crime, deny humanitarian aid to the needy and sick, and Blame everything they are responsible for on the USA.
    The left doesn't really care about the people they only matter as a mean for them to reach power, Take Venezuela for instance the richest country in the region with biggest oil reserves in the world after just 19 years It's people is starving and dying of common diseases, and their political system just works in function of keeping the government in power, the best a Venezuelan could hope for Christmas was a Pernil (Pork chops) and a few low quality Chinese plastic toys for the starving children that receive their bribe for voting for them and for being part of the United Socialist Party, and in some communities they didn't even received that, this week they started looting, and the government response was a direct attack to the private sector to force an organized looting by lowering the prices of the goods to losses for the owners who are struggling to keeps the doors open with whatever little they can find for sale.

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