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  1. When white people die out, so will racism, sexism, queerphobia, and all other forms of oppression. The only way to eliminate racism, white privilege, and white supremacy is to eliminate whiteness altogether. When I teach my students about human rights, critical race theory, and the role of whites in worldwide oppression, my white students often ask me how they can “atone” for the evils of whiteness and how they can make up for centuries of white oppression. And I tell them: you can do that by not having any children and ensuring that the white race does not live to oppress anyone ever again in the future.just be gay and adopt african children.

  2. what i remember most about this time was the beeb being brave enough to stick their head way above the parapet and defiantly including a gay story-line in Grange Hill which made a point of portraying homophobic teacher as an ass hole and rather obviously equated homophobia with racism..

  3. You can't change people's attitudes. I liked the old system of tolerance. Don't ask, don't tell! Just don't shove it in my face and we will get along. We will never be best friends but that is not so unusual. I am not friends with very many anyway. I can live the idea of two men or women choosing to live together just as long as they are NOT offered as a legitimate alternative to ordinary, difficult marriage. I don't want my grandson going to his school prom with his boyfriend instead of a girl. Some things shouldn't change. And they shouldn't be allowed to adopt children. It seems to me that just perpetuates the lifestyle. What else are these poor children going to know except the life a gay family?

  4. I've always wondered how much of the brain drain was due to section 28 and the hateful climate during that era.

    I for one escaped to the tolerance of San Francisco and silicon valley during that hateful time.

  5. I get email notice of new content from your channel, but sometimes all they say is
    "*** – BBC Newsnight" I figure this is because you want me to visit and hope I'll like some surprise. I do visit, but usually the content is not of interest to me.

  6. Think how many LGBT individuals died of HIV illnesses because they didn't receive sexual education or acknowledgment about themselves (which can eventually lead to suicide). They didn't know about the dangers of unsafe sex and how STD's are transmitted, they also had to protest so long to get the damn disease researched. Marget Thatcher, what a bitch. She killed so many people with her policies, I will never forgive her.

  7. I haven't come across evidence that Clause 28 had much effect on what happened in classrooms. It was symbolic when it went on the statute books and symbolic when it was repealed. It did however regalvanise gay activism and that bore fruit later on with civil partnerships and gay marriage.

  8. Much like Churchill, supporters of Margret Thatcher don't like to hear about her flaws. Opponents talk about the mass privatisation of previously nationalised industry, but the enactment of section 28 was her biggest swept under the rug failure. Having said that, it was a sign of how ignorant society was back then, much like a pet project of mine, how people with Autistic Spectrum conditions are treated, there is still a long way to go

  9. Margaret Thatcher was the last great British PM. She talked common sense. The noisy left and their demands for social acceptance of every form of deviant behaviour has to be a bad thing! A society has to have some core values. Talking about extreme reactions to being the objects of scorn, such as the "jumper" in this video, should not obscure the fact that it probably kept many who may have strayed on a straight path.
    I have a straight friend with two gay sons. How they got to be that way is a matter of conjecture. My grandson went to school with a boy who came out as gay while still at high school. The point I am leading toward is that none of their old friends bother with them anymore. They had to make new friends. Their old friends are polite enough but they don't want top spend time with them anymore for obvious reasons. In the old days, the scorn and abuse that their outing may have invited could have prodded them to try harder to conform and perhaps go on to lead normal lives, or kept their little secret to themselves. This new tolerance almost makes heroes of them today. They give up their old friends and enter a new support group. If that support group was not there, they may try harder to conform.

  10. I find questionable , I was pupil when section 28 came and later became a teacher.
    As a pupil in a school with out gay pupils back in 1980s we where taught about homosexuality, we where taught that itvwa s natural it was part if being a human. A number of teacher reminded use that section 28 only applied to local government. Most school outside major cities where separate from local govt with there own board of governors head teacher and there senior managers The schools deputy head teacher was an open and out gay man there was no issue school unless controlled by the local govt directly where not covered by section 28 and could teach about homosexuality. Anyone being homophobic where dealt with.
    We watch homosexual educational films about puberty and changes we can go through. Heterosexual and homosexual sex ed was dealt with equally.
    Certain teacher identified that they could be approached and would be open to talk to about any questions you had or if anyone was bullying.
    Yes we had people call each other gay and some bullying generally at the wrong people my best friend was always being called homo and gay yet I was the anyone and no one ever said anything or tried anything on with me.

    Later when I became a teacher section 28 was still in force but as my school where no L.A. run. That was ignored and sex ed was taught equally .

    So when I see these reports I have to ask where in the country this was happening and is this a case of the typical British reporting of London only and igorning the wide population for the sake if the truth.
    This is a common practise in the UK, that London and the South East are Britain. What happens here us wgat happens in the whole nation. Which all British know to be B.S.
    The BBC is so London southeast focused that every other region us ignored.
    When I watch this report I can only assume I went to an enlightened grammar later comprehensive school.
    Most children where from families of educated people majority came from home owners working class/ lower middle class. Or parent where managers engineers chemistist doctors small business owners. Very few came from the rented sector or council estates. Our teachers where well educated quotes a few from oxbridge or better universities. Very liberal educated left leaning. So homosexuality was there quite a few of the teacher where gay or lesbian and those pupil who where gay and had older gay friends new these teachers. Nothing sexual ever happened. (Shame as some where sexy in the 89 I was in the school sixth form we where the only non Catholic school to have an independent sixth form other 3 school only went year 12 (5th year) so we both to mingle with staff out of school socially at the pub we went away with teachers to educational weeks at various location to do additional study, those if use who drive took our cars and we had good times. Our teacher where morevtgan just teachers. As we became adults they treated us as your adults developing.
    As a young teacher myself I only had two occasions where I felt I could not be myself one was a Catholic boys school where I was an outside anyway and the other a Welsh high school.
    Where another young PE teacher took me aside and said this school will not support gay teachers keep it quiet.
    I did remain there long.
    There is no excuse for schools or teacher to allow homophobia to go on unless they are homophobic themselves.

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