GOP Gays Dragged For Saying Trump Is “Fighting For Our Rights” After Gutting LGBTQ Patient Protections


TJ Chang, who describes himself as a “Gay and Conservative in LA” on his Twitter bio, took to the social media platform on Sunday to wish President Trump a happy 74th birthday, writing: “Happy birthday @realDonaldTrump! Thanks for fighting for our rights! #AllBirthdaysMatter #HappybirthdayDonaldTrump”.

The tweet thanking Trump for “fighting for our rights” came two days after the Trump administration formally rolled back an Obama-era policy that protected LGBTQ patients from discrimination. The finalized rule was released on the fourth anniversary of the Pulse massacre, when a gunman opened fire at an Orlando gay bar, killing 49 people.

“The new Trump administration rules reverse an Obama policy that banned health care providers from discriminating against transgender patients and women seeking abortions. The Obama administration had issued the first-time protections for LGBTQ patients under a nondiscrimination clause in the Affordable Care Act, citing concerns from advocates these patients had a harder time accessing necessary care,” reports Politico.

“We cannot and will not allow Donald Trump to continue attacking us. Today, the Human Rights Campaign is announcing plans to sue the Trump administration for exceeding their legal authority and attempting to remove basic health care protections from vulnerable communities including LGBTQ people,” Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David said in a statement. “LGBTQ people get sick. LGBTQ people need health care. LGBTQ people should not live in fear that they cannot get the care they need simply because of who they are.”

The Republican National Committee’s executive panel voted Wednesday, June 12, to make no changes to its 2016 party platform ahead of the 2020 election in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The move means the party won’t change its official positions on issues such as same-sex marriage and will allow them to stand through 2024.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration submitted a brief to the Supreme Court on Wednesday arguing that a taxpayer-funded organization should be able to refuse to work with same-sex couples and others whom the group considers to be in violation of its religious beliefs.

Gay Twitter dragged Chang for the tweet, with one Twitter user asking him to “blink twice if u need help,” and another wrote, “I spoke to the committee, and your gay card has been revoked.”

Some also took exception to his “#AllBirthdaysMatter” hashtag:


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