Grab Your Jones BBQ Sauce, Netflix Renews “Queer Eye” for Seasons 4 and 5

All things just keep getting better!

Netflix announced the Fab Five are coming back for even more fierce makeovers because Queer Eye has been renewed for Seasons 4 and 5—can you believe?

Season 4 will consist of eight episodes and will premiere on the streaming service on Friday, July 19. Like last season, the new batch of episodes will take place in Kansas City. For the fifth cycle the Fab Five will move their makeovers to Philadelphia. Season 5 production is set to begin this month, with a 2020 premiere.

The Queer Eye reboot only premiered last year, but in that short span of time the series has made celebrities of the new Fab Five, and won three Primetime Emmys, including Best Structured Reality Program.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

The third season, which premiered earlier this year, made headlines when the show featured its first lesbian makeover, and made stars out of the Jones sisters, who own Jones Bar-B-Q in Kansas City.

We just hope Bruley the French Bulldog returns for the new seasons.

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