10 Comments on “Greg Gutfeld – Gay Marriage Is A Conservative Win”

  1. Gay marriage is wrong. Homosexuality in general is wrong. That's why they are 'winning' the debate, even though support for gay marriage has fallen stagnant 50/50 in public given recent polls which might be a new trend or a reversal, it's because we let the left dictate that being gay is acceptable and normal. We need to go back to the start and argue that homosexually in general is wrong both morally and physically, go on the offensive and take the ball away from gay marriage but to homosexuality itself.

  2. Greg Gutfeld is stupid. he said gay activists should of ignored Christian bigots taking away their freedoms because there are worse ones somewhere else in the world. How about Fox News stop focusing on "anti-Christian" bigotry in America and talk only about Christians getting killed in the middle east.

  3. What else would you "offer them?" Civil Unions. "Marriage" has aleady been defined in the English language and in ALL European, North and South American (not Arabic) LAWS. All marriages worldwide are defined by their culture's RELIGION. For CENTURIES NO nation "legalizes" MARRIAGE between two genders. Because MARRIAGE is a product and creation by RELIGION. There are no historical RELIGIOUS sodomy. Sodomy does NOT "SUSTAIN" the human race. MARRIAGE promotes HUMAN EXTISTANCE.

    Marriage between one woman and one man in an eternal MARRIAGE WITH CHRIST.

    It is obvious gay "marriage" is a covenant with satan.

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