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  1. Im not supposed to give my opinion but.. They are people who are misguided they were not guided on whats the difference between love and admiration so they thought hey I'm gay they were not given proper sex ed ….. hey if you people can have an opinion why can't we ?

  2. This kind of documentary leads us to feel sorry for the gays who lived a hidden life before the sexual revolution, and I do feel sorry for them, but not for the reasons they expect. We have all kinds of bad tendencies we have to fight and because of their tendency to unnatural sex, those men couldn't find peace in a normal life. Instead of conforming themselves to the will of God, a journey many of them didn't even know about or how to start, they fought to make society conform to their deviancy. Now we live in an unbelievable level of sexual immorality, which comes at a great cost because it destroys our bodies and, even worse, our souls, with the acceptance of sodomy being imposed, the pretense that the highly sexualized gay lifestyle is normal and healthy being shoved down our throats and Christians who uphold proper values being turned into second class citizens. Not even children are spared the degeneracy. This is the terrible result of those men trying to end their pain the wrong way.

  3. Anyone hear about or know about the Toronto police officers that would intentionally arrest lesbian women and then take them off somewhere and sexually assault/rape them? (Happened years back). It made me sick when I heard that it happened to so many women. It compares to what happens to lesbian women in South Africa. They call it "corrective rape". What the hell is wrong with some of these fucking men??!!

  4. I'm into Transgender Women. No one I know understands that; to them gay is gay. Straight guys only into trans women are still in the closet. I live alone and cannot admit my personal interest.

  5. it's so absolutely heart wrenching hearing about all that the LGBTQ+ community has gone through. It still isn't perfect, so many lgbtq+ people are assaulted for being who they are on the daily, but it's so unbelievable how far we've come. i wish that this documentary went a little more in depth about the trans/genderqueer side of the LGBTQ+ community, as that is a little bit lesser known, but holy cow! happy pride, y'all!!

  6. "Hard to imagine now" ok hun, yeah it's super easy to be queer now. No oppression anywhere.

    /Yes in many places for some groups it's easier/

  7. Gay people promote their life, sometimes press people to be a gay, or touch kids with their life. The gay government gives benefit to the people who said they are gay, but they are not.. It makes a lie possible…

  8. I worked with gays, but I did not know about that, because I was interesting how they work, I was not interesting with whom they sleep. The problem came, when gay wants to get married and get family benefit, when they want adapt kids… and get benefit for kids .

  9. HEY GAYS!!!!!

  10. I just came to here to let someone know that God can change your life.. even the desires u feel that u think u cannot control is able to change. Jesus loves you and needs u to be saved.. and also I love u with the love of God. Have faith in God and anything is possible

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  12. Why are all the hateful ignorant people from like, the last week?
    The LGBT community isn't going away. Get over it.
    You are LOSING members of your church with your hatred. Look at the rate of people leaving your churches, and your faith altogether. Your behavior is driving generations away with increasing speed.

  13. 2003 was the year that Ontario's highest court legalized gay marriage , it was not until 2005 that Canada's government legalized it nationally .

  14. Wile you are complaining about homophobic,think about this… Proven unclean unhealthy and risky… The deep reaches of the anal for men carry the worst bacteria… It's proven look it up but you won't because being homosexual is a selfish act.. Gay pride parade promotes promiscuity just by the look of it… Most homosexuals think their normal they're far from it. Most have underline mental issues more than heterosexual. Think about the future as white population dwindles. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I don't give a dam but the harm to future society is clear. It's going to be your world good luck with that as you scream for help begging homophobes to save you.

  15. Genesis 3:1 Now the ?‍? serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

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